NOW that the EU Withdrawal (No 6) Act has received royal assent, “Backdoor” Boris in his inimitable way says he will obey the law. That is any law that he can circumvent legally. Already he has his legal advisers poring over the wordings of this Act, whilst the ink is still tacky, to find a loophole, backdoor or otherwise way around it! Ignoring it completely seems to be the best way.

He is the most tragicomic personality to hold the once high post of Prime Minister Of Imperial England and her client states. He has achieved the unenviable position of becoming a real-life comic caricature of himself.

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Meanwhile, in the dark shadows await the real power behind these despotic attempts at resetting the rule of law to their own agendas and needs; they are the real puppet masters.

They are quietly confident that should Johnson’s term as UKPM be short and not sweet, they have many others who are hungry to step into the role.

Rees-Mogg is the perfect candidate. A pseudo-intellectual with the perfect right-wing credentials. A Eurosceptic of the highest order. Dare I say it, an even bigger buffoon that Boris? Is that even possible?

When I saw Moggers lounging on the seats at the House of Conmens (not a spelling mistake) I was confident that any moment now Ray Alan would appear and slide an arm up his rear, to reactivate Lord Charles.

That comedy double act made me laugh as a child. The comedians, clowns and glove puppets currently pretending to run the Disunited Kingdom (into the dirt) make me want to cry in despair!

Sandy Allan
Newburgh, Ellon

SO the Westminster Parliament has been shut down. The Union of 1707 was the union of parliaments. The Scottish Parliament, however, has not been prorogued so is still open for business. What a great time to declare independence when our “lords and masters” are hiding and evading responsibility.

Richard Easson

I REALLY hope The National does invite Carolyn Leckie back in November. We need more of her kind of progressive politics, from a radical left and feminist perspective, but devoid of any posturing and always well attuned to where people are at. I look forward to her next column.

Paddy Farrington

ROB Jamieson has a saltire-covered taxi to promote his tourist business (Council red-flags kilted cabbie’s Saltire taxi, September 10) but Stirling Council is trying to stop him.

Glasgow City Council allows saltire-bedecked taxis to roam in its streets, but Stirling Council has a problem with it. Is this because the person, or people, who told Mr Jamieson to remove the saltire are acting more in a political way than they think he is? They appear to be of the same mould as the owners of the businesses who inundate our shopping, buses and lorries with what has become, for many, the hated sight of a Union jack in some form or other!

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To ban a Scottish flag or icon, in Scotland, is to return to the post-1745 days of proscription, when every sign and symbol of Scotland was banned by the British Government. To think that there are people in Stirling today, whose salaries are paid for by our taxes, who are acting in the same high-handed way is totally unacceptable and is not to be tolerated.

I sincerely hope that Mr Jamieson ignores any such order from Stirling Council and that, if they persist, he takes his case all the way to the highest court in Scotland. This ruling has to be challenged!

Dennis White

I’D like to point out calmly and rationally to Stirling Council officials that the national flag of our country is NOT A BLOODY SIGN!!!! It therefore does NOT come under the regulation they refer to which, to ANYONE with a brain bigger than a single-cell amoeba, relates to commercial signs and logos. It was obviously created to stop cabbies making extra cash by plastering their vehicles with assorted adverts in a (in THEIR eyes) garish and tasteless manner). Do I detect the hand of a Britnat official behind this??

Barry Stewart

I AM grateful to Tommy Sheppard for setting out the SNP’s objectives, which I confess have puzzled me for some time (This is the SNP’s policy on Brexit and an early election explained, September 10). If I can summarise, they are: a) UK avoiding Brexit; b) UK remaining part of EC; c) a referendum. It is interesting that he did not include independence, only a referendum.

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The Brexit mess is only a symptom of the disunity of the Union. When even the Tories are beginning to see the merits of distinguishing themselves from the UK-wide party, surely the writing is on the wall. Brexit is a recruiting sergeant for independence. Avoiding Brexit will lessen the chances of independence. If Brexit leads to independence then it is worth it. There is nothing cynical in this.

Visiting England every day, I sincerely believe that the majority of English people still firmly want to exit the EC. There are many reasons why the interests of the people of Scotland, not only in Tommy Shephard’s constituency, are best served by being citizens of an independent country; Brexit is merely illustrative. I truly despair of the direction the SNP is taking.

Pete Wishart wants to be the speaker of a foreign parliament diametrically opposed to all we stand for. Why, in God’s name? We are nearly there. More and more people have cast aside the cloak of romantic notions of nationalism and see the logical benefits of existing side by side with our larger neighbours. Only timidity can snatch us from the jaws of victory. Are the SNP to stumble at the final step?

Ian Richmond
Dumfries and Galloway