SINCE 2007, and stepped up to near panic level from 2013, the UK establishment and its “chums” in the cabal press have thrown everything at the SNP to discredit the party, the idea, aye and even individuals. Sanity would dictate that given the resources and money of state the mission would have been wrapped up years ago, the dream crushed and the Scots brought to heel, but yet all three persevere.

Some strange and obviously ill-informed commentators blame the Scottish National Party for brainwashing the voters of Scotland, accusing it of being a cult. They say this of course more to quell their tremors than in any true belief. They can’t see why anyone would wish to leave the bosom of empire, turn away from the imperial court and seek self-determination, a nation among many but subservient to none.

So here in 2019 the polls still show that the Etonians have failed, failed spectacularly in their campaign of misinformation and smear.

On this I would urge caution.We who either support the SNP or are prepared to lend the SNP our vote cannot afford not to turn out to vote. We need to invoke the spirit of 2015 and return as many SNP MPs to the rancid Westmonster as possible. Forget egos, forget personality clashes, forget all of that, let’s focus on setting up for independence.

We the peoples of Scotland have so much to win, but still can lose so much if we allow apathy to voting any room in our thoughts these next few months.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0

I HAVE to respectfully disagree with Isobel Lindsay’s analysis of the SNP’s position in refusing to support an October General Election (Letters, September 9). It is the Prime Minister who is calling for such an election to enhance his chances of being able to gerrymander an election date that would result in a No-Deal Brexit through default. All opposition parties (except the DUP) and all the newly created independent MPs oppose Johnson’s move. Is Isobel really suggesting that the SNP should be alone in supporting the Prime Minister’s call for an early election? I trust and hope not.

As this Brexit shambles continues, the SNP are increasingly being seen as the leading voice against a No-Deal Brexit, thus supporting

the 62% of voters in Scotland who voted Remain. Opinion polls and anecdotal evidence suggest that support for both the SNP and independence are growing.

In my opinion the SNP are right to join and lead an anti-No Deal alliance at Westminster. Brexit in any shape or form will be a disaster for Scotland. The Scottish electorate can clearly see the SNP standing up for Scotland’s interests. Compare and contrast that with the 13 Tory MPs, who have declared, by their votes, support for the Prime Minister’s disastrous Brexit course. As for Scottish Labour, where are you Richard?

David Howie

I HAVE a continued sense of despair and frustration at there not being a second referendum on leaving Europe.

Leave politicians portentously state that the wishes of the people of Britain must be respected. They inflate the wish of a small majority of the people of Britain, and totally dismiss a very great majority of the wish of the Scottish people. Furthermore the average voter – in fact most of us – understood very little about the implications of leaving the EU. They were told lies, told little and misled. There is a question of unlawfulness attached to the campaign. The Leave campaign was allegedly heavily funded by so-called “dark money". The motives for leaving were questionable – my simple explanation is that the UK establishment does not like anything cramping their style.

My understanding is that the referendum was advisory only. Three years have passed. Even without the retrospective influence on the result of these factors mentioned, that is ample time for a normal unforced change of view among the voters.

I know it is a big wish but I feel that there should be: far more scrutiny applied to referendums; a cap on monetary support; a neutral agency to inform and educate, to some extent, the voters about the specific issue of the referendum; a review of the proceedings after the vote and if it is found to be grossly questionable or abusive, a re-run of the referendum after the negation of the result. The neutrality of the members of the agency could be assured by their record – Amber Rudd and the recent 21 dissenting Conservative MPs would be the kind of people needed.

Victor Moncrieff

CAROLYN Leckie is correct, the Yes movement has learned a lot since 2019 and we share the opinion that it is better equipped to win (This week has shown why FM made exactly the right move, September 9).

The problem for Unionists this time is that they deliberately lied to us, and we can no longer trust them. Whatever they come up with this time will be erected on their quaking foundations of distrust. Not only was our place in the EU supposedly assured, they told us we were “partners” in the UK union. Well, hasn’t Westminster’s subsequent conduct proven both those premises to be abject lies?

Not only has Scotland been ignored in anything Brexit, no consultation with or agreement by us, but Westminster intends to repatriate devolved powers to Westminster; the very credibility and existence of the Scottish Parliament in peril.

Isn’t partnership to Westminster merely a euphemism for subjugation?

I’ve criticised Sturgeon’s apparent lack of drive, perceived as dithering through fear to make the big step. If I got it wrong then it was not to denigrate her ambition and credentials, rather only through my frustration and impatience to shed the yoke of Westminster and reach the blue lagoon of independence.

My heart’s hopes are now rising daily. I don’t always agree with Carolyn Leckie, but surely she is a gem that should be returned to the jewel box.

Jim Taylor