WEE Ginger Dug says: “They’ll continue to misrepresent the statements made by certain SNP figures about the 2014 referendum being a once-in-a-generation opportunity because in 2011 the SNP broke an electoral system designed to prevent a single party from winning a majority at Holyrood” (Indyref2 Plan B can work but timing must be right, July 9).

I am sick and tired of hearing Unionists making this claim; indeed it was again made on Wednesday by Theresa May at PMQs, when she even made it out to have been “an SNP promise”’.

It is time the SNP nailed this canard well and truly, even if this means that we put a leaflet through every door in Scotland. At the very least Nicola Sturgeon should make this the centre point of a speech and expose just how deliberately mendacious this Unionist claim is.

And could I also put in a plea that it is time that the SNP sent out a car sticker to each of its 100,000 members and asked them to start wearing an SNP membership badge, as we used to do in the 70s? We may not get supportive press headlines, but seeing thousands of independence-supporting evidence on cars and lapels would be just as encouraging as AUOB’s great rallies.

Nick Dekker