DONALD Trump lambasts Theresa May over Brexit failure and the leaked comments from the UK Ambassador to the US. The great hope for a great trade deal and the special relationship is in tatters. Furthermore, Trump mocks the UK. True to form, he turns on friends, tears up agreements to “keep America great”! So much for the special relationship now!!

The hunt is on to find out who leaked!

Then Labour calls for a referendum on Brexit and will campaign to remain, leaving the Scottish leader in Holyrood in a fix, while Labour’s Welsh First Minister is receptive to independence in Wales. The “no new referendum” stance from the Unionists at Holyrood is in tatters. Bercow stops the possibility of a Commons vote against no deal, possibly hoping

for a seat in the Lords now that he reads the runes, while 30 Tory MPs would vote down a Johnson government and Rory Stewart wants to set up a counter parliament across the road to stop no deal! A Tory insider accuses Theresa May of setting “elephant traps” for the next PM on Brexit.

The UK Government, its institutions and ministries are getting out of control. Does Johnson, possible new PM, unwanted by the Scots Tories, react by calling out the army, declare a state of emergency and martial law? Ageing monarch abdicates and hands over to ageing heir?

It is chilling to speculate on the descent into chaos which one perceives from the daily UK press!

Strong and stable, broad shouldered, Better Together, these now risible constructs and the shambles of the last three years in No 10 under the now faded PM leave the UK at Westminster a diminished force and a laughing stock worldwide!

What a shambles indeed!

John Edgar

I WONDER if Katherine Perlo, so vehemently opposed to assisted dying (Letters, July 8), has ever experienced caring for a loved one suffering pain, discomfort and indignity during their final days, weeks, months of life? If she had I suspect her perspective would change.

My father was 97 and had had a happy and productive life. I remember him for his humour, talent, industry and selfless love for his family, but those memories are blighted by the horror of his death from cancer.

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He wanted to die at home, and our wonderful family doctor, the NHS and social services, gave me all the assistance they could to allow that to happen. Dad’s pain was more or less controlled, but what they couldn’t do was ease his discomfort and loss of dignity. He was a proud man, but in those final weeks, despite our best efforts, he suffered many personal humiliations.

Twice he asked the nurses who visited if there was a pill he could take to end it all, or if he could have a one-way ticket to Switzerland. They thought he was joking. I knew he was serious.

If he had asked me to help him die, I hope I would have had the courage to do so. I have no doubt it was his final act of love that he never asked.

Many civilised countries now offer legally assisted death, among them Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands, and the number is growing. There have been no cases of abuse and no widening of the law ... no slippery slope to euthanising the infirm.

When my time comes I do not want to endure a death similar to my father’s, nor do I want my children’s memories of me to be tainted by the manner in which I leave them.

By refusing me a death with dignity, people like Katherine Perlo are selfishly denying me a basic human right, to choose my death.

After all, they do not need to take advantage of legally assisted dying legislation. It won’t be compulsory, just a matter of choice for those, like me, who know what the alternative can be.

Pauline Taylor

DENNIS White (Letters, July 9) raises an interesting point regarding the Union flag displayed in St Magnus Cathedral, which is part of the Church of Scotland, an autonomous religious organisation.

The St Magnus links were entirely between Scotland and Norway so there is no historical reason for displaying the Union flag rather than the Saltire.

Independence is not about flags but there do seem to be more Union flags being displayed by the UK Government and many Scottish quangos which are often run by British Unionists, not to mention the numerous pro-Union companies and organisations. This needs to be challenged, as flying the Union flag rather than a Saltire is probably politically motivated.

On my last visit to Lerwick there was a massive Union flag next to Victoria Pier to greet arrivals to Shetland mainland. Orkney Islands Council has a St Magnus Cathedral sub-committee, so Dennis White or other interested readers should contact them regarding an explanation.

Other avenues to explore are via The Editor of the Orcadian newspaper, or, or The Society of the Friends of St Magnus Cathedral or Orkney News, all of whom can be contacted online.

Fraser Grant