SO this is the future of “UK” politics – party political broadcasts disguised as debate and “democracy”?

It’s fairly obvious now there is no need for democratically voted government. In fact, why wait for October 31? Suspend Parliament now (permanently), just make sure we have a chat show-style TV programme to remind us that it’s happened and for us not to worry.

Westminster is going to be put to good use as a homeless shelter for ailing MPs struggling with drug, alcohol and sex addictions. Now we must feel sorrow for our fallen brothers and sisters as, let’s face it, they have had a difficult time of late.

Meanwhile, we can appreciate the beauty of more than two million people in Hong Kong marching for the sake of true “democracy”?

Malcolm Logan

THE headline in last week’s Time magazine was “How Britain went bonkers”, a question I’m sure many of us ask ourselves. Now we know the answer: it’s the drugs.

If we extrapolate from the sudden confessions of the Tory leadership contenders, it would seem that two out of every three Tory MPs is likely to have taken drugs, which would go some way to explain why the country is in the mess it’s in. Overconfidence, mood swings, irrationality, paranoia. It fits.

And what about Labour? Has there ever been an opposition party so laid back about opposing? Has there ever been an opposition leader with an allotment? Go figure.

LibDems: no drugs required. It is a requirement of membership to be confused and indecisive.

SNP representatives, on the other hand, are invariably on the ball, sharp, well-informed and jovial. Porridge may be a factor, but is it Scotch whisky which makes the difference?

It also helps the Scottish economy, cuts down imports, saves local jobs, reduces crime and puts a smile on the face of the nation. And once Scotland is independent a small, medicinal dose will be available on prescription from our still publicly owned NHS.

Les Mackay

I AGREED with Andrew McKirdy’s comment (Website comments, June 11) about the fixation over saving the Labour party. And his reference to us in our eighties and over possibly being nostalgic about it has really made me wonder what I had been doing by voting Labour all my life before seeing the light in the last few years and voting SNP.

The answer is simple. I have never been a member of a political party, but having grown up in the 1930s and through World War Two, I will never forget what I saw around me and the lifestyle we of the working class endured. And since I became of voting age I voted Labour, but really my vote has always been Against the Tories. And what disappoints me most is that in Scotland it is the survival of their party that concerns Labour politicians more than the interests of our country. So no nostalgia.

The Tories had been routed in Scotland. Who let them back? During the war I remember hearing adults saying that when they returned, the men who had been fighting would not put up with things as they had been. And in the 1945 General Election I saw the great war leader Churchill passing through Airdrie on his national tour. And the people did respect his wartime leadership, but they rejected his Tory party and elected the Attlee government that gave us the welfare state that today’s Tories have done so much to destroy. We should hope that history might repeat itself and in the next few weeks that modern-day self-appointed re-incarnation of Churchill may also be rejected.

The only way forward for Scottish Labour is to campaign for independence, and to oppose the real opposition. And when independence is realised they can then hold up their heads and ask us if we want to vote for them again. The bonus to be achieved might be that Ruth Davidson would join the Labour party, that being the only remaining U-turn on offer.

Robert Johnston

DOUBLE first prize for their double act in double speak and double dealing has to go to the double plague on all our houses, David Mundell and Ruth Davidson.

Mundell most recently for his ability to clarify that when he said that he would not be able to serve under Johnson, what he actually meant was that he had been quite specific not to rule such an eventuality out.

Davidson for her spectacular volte-face concerning the circumstances under which in her opinion indyref2 could take place. Can we now please make sure these two chancers are removed from elected office at the double?

Alastair Naughton
Peterculter, Aberdeen

YESTERDAY morning I was disgusted to find a very colourful leaflet as part of my Royal Mail delivery. This leaflet was to inform me What Scotland Really Thinks About The EU.

I am a 77-year-old mother of four and grandmother of 10 who has lived and worked in the town of Largs for 57 years, therefore feel that I am better placed to know “What Scotland Thinks About The EU” than the instigator of the leaflet Nigel Farage MEP.

However, I started to read the leaflet and found it to be full of inaccuracies. Facts and figures don’t add up, small print states online polling of 3,000 adults was undertaken but there is no information about what area or demographic they were polling.

This leaflet is a blatant insult to the intelligence of the people of Scotland, and the poster which Farage requests we put up where everyone can see it has already been shredded. I sincerely hope that The National checks this leaflet and reveals it for what it is inaccurate propaganda and an insult to our nation and its people’s intelligence.

May Boland