ONCE again I am indebted to Adam Tomkins. Every time he opens his mouth he boosts and enhances the case for Scottish independence. His relationship with reality is redolent of that of his erstwhile colleague in academe, Professor Stanley Unwin.

To address his comments:

1. He said that “the so-called parliament “ was “bringing itself into disrepute”. If this is a “so-called parliament” it follows that he is a “so-called MSP”.

2. “There is no point at all in being an MSP,” he wails. There is certainly no point in his being an MSP, but we’ve all known that for years, and I’m grateful that he has now acknowledged that. Better late than never.

3. He then lapses into his default position to proclaim “a sinister attempt to close down legitimate debate”. As in the past, I’ve had to read this comment several times, very slowly, to convince myself that he actually said it. Is his sense of recall so tainted that he has forgotten how the Tories in Westminster have treated the SNP MPs under the leadership of the threadbare mannequin May and prior to that Bullingdon Boy Cameron?

4. He describes himself as “a lawyer turned politician”. Given his Gilbertian antics, he should perhaps complete the U-turn and provide a headache for the Law Society.

Joe Cowan