A SCOTTISH charity has raised £76,000 to provide humanitarian relief for Palestinians affected by the ongoing violence in Gaza.

Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (Sciaf) announced the fundraising milestone today, which is World Refugee Day.

There are 5.7 million Palestine refugees according to the UN Refugee Agency – more people than the population of Scotland.

The donations are funding medical care, psychological support, food, and other essential items for the people in Gaza. Sciaf is working with Caritas Jerusalem, which provides essential services to the poor population in Gaza.

Money raised will provide medical care, psychological support, food, and other essential items to people “traumatised by years of restrictions and violence”.

Alistair Dutton, director of Sciaf, said: “We are incredibly grateful to so many people throughout Scotland who have given so generously to help people in Gaza who live in such unimaginable circumstances.

“On World Refugee Day, please take a moment to imagine how you would feel if you had to flee your homes for your lives, with only a few things you could grab as you fled and nowhere to turn.

“More than 82 million people in the world have faced this, displaced either in their own countries or are refugees in other countries, including those from Gaza.

He went on: “Please hold them in your prayers and in your hearts, and when we meet people for whom this is their story, please greet them with the hospitality I know we show so readily in Scotland. Let’s help refugees feel welcome, with love and hospitality.”

For more 14 years, Gaza has been under a total land and air blockade. Many families are unable to leave the danger behind or seek refuge in safer lands and are forced to find limited shelter wherever they can.

The UN has also said 90% of water available in Gaza is unsafe.

Details on how to donate to Sciaf’s Gaza Emergency Appeal can be found at www.sciaf.org.uk/get-involved/appeals/618-gaza-emergency-appeal