THE SNP’S Toni Giugliano is trying to put the blame on the independence movement, and threatens to take independence off the agenda if we don’t once more vote for the SNP at the next election. This is really a desperate attempt following polls recently predicting that support for the SNP will plummet, and with that the real possibility of the loss of their majority of Scottish seats, which will for sure kill independence for the foreseeable future!

How many times have we voted for the SNP and provided mandate after mandate that they took the political decision not to act on? Senior figures are deliberately putting party before our independence cause.

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They are still pushing the SNP gold-standard referendum when it is clear to all it is not possible. There is no way out of the Treaty of Union for the SNP in government due to the devolution settlement, and this can only come about with UK Government cooperation.

I really can’t believe this is happening, the SNP are trying to make the devolution parliament work for them, and them alone, winning election after election knowing all the time that power devolved is power retained, this Labour legislation basically created a halfway-house parliament. Knowing Section 35 was always waiting in the political wings ready when needed to put Holyrood back into its wee box when it threatened the so-called Mother of Parliaments.

Maybe we should ask our MSPs why it has taken more than 20 years for the Scottish Parliament to flex its muscles, and challenge the UK Government? Probably they have not done so as it would highlight the fact that they have spent the past 20 years simply juggling the money handed out to them from Westminster.

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The SNP missed the chance in 2015 when Yes parties took 51.35% of the vote in the General Election. Also in 2016, due to Brexit bringing about a material change in circumstances, instead of wasting years trying to make Brexit work. The arguments were there, waiting to be made. The SNP’s lack of focus on independence which the whole Scottish society could have benefitted from.

Giugliano also stated that it’s better to have a wider discussion POST-General Election of how to achieve independence. This only serves the SNP interests, more jobs for the boys for another term, but really risks the chances of a minority at Westminster which really will fail Scotland and independence will be dead.

The SNP have their last chance, to fight the coming General Election on whether “Scotland chooses independence”. A General Election under a independence manifesto is a democratic vote of its people. If independence wins we need a majority of Scottish seats to carry it through! Hopefully a democratic majority vote to leave the Union.

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Like many, I have for years had my SNP member’s blinkers on, believing what they told us, not thinking at all that they were not being at all honest in telling us all what we wanted to hear. How many others just like me now feel very angry being used this way? I really did think we would get our independence with the SNP but not now, they have changed so much. We need to wake up and see what pans out. This is due to the SNP government’s failure to secure a way forward. Can Giugliano seriously then blame the pro-independence electorate for the SNP’s deliberate inaction on independence?

Getting out of the Treaty of the Union? We are well and truly “catched” for sure. Probably we need to campaign to enforce our Claim of Right and withdraw from the Treaty of Union. Its recognised internationally, so take it to the international community, the UN and European courts.

Having The National has really helped, and thanks to lots of people contributing to the letters giving us all valuable information which otherwise we would never have found out about by ourselves. I’m sure having this outlet will ensure that we will get our independence that we all crave.

Michael Maclennan