THE UK Tory government has now intensified attacks on Scotland’s democracy and indeed that of the devolution settlement itself, by blocking decisions taken by the elected Scottish Government on devolved matters. This follows senior Tory Brexiteers urging Westminster to “roll back” and in fact “reverse” Scotland’s existing powers.

With this and all that has happened in the last decade, the question is: do the Scots really wish to remain under the thumb of an elite, corrupt Tory government whom they have not voted for since 1955?

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Ever since the disaster of Brexit the UK has become a more centralised, unequal and a far-right society, languishing in one of the worst ever cost-of-living crises. With old people uncared for and more children going to bed hungry, the growing social divide is the mark of a broken Britain.

It’s clear that independence in Europe is the best future for Scotland. Decisions are best made by the people who live and work here, rather than remaining trapped in a fractious, post-imperial Union.

Grant Frazer