Love Island viewers thought they had seen the end of Tasha and Andrew’s problems last night as the pair talked and committed to each other.

Tasha assured Andrew despite her conversations with Charlie, that she was committed to him and making their coupling work.

But just as it seems things are perfect with the couple; tonight’s episode shows Danica make her move on Andrew.

Danica starts her morning with a pep talk from Ekin-Su.

Ekin-Su says: “You are a bombshell, remember. You are a Bomb. Shell. You came in a shell - but we don’t see the bomb exploding.”

Danica agrees: “Yeah the bomb exploded and then it just died down…well not anymore hun.”

Fresh from her pep talk, Danica sets her sights on Andrew and pulls him for a chat.

She tells him how she is feeling, saying: “You are a fully grown man, you will do whatever you want to do but actually I just need to be honest with you and what I feel and what vibe I get. I do enjoy getting to know you.”

Andrew agrees: “Yeah, I do enjoy our chats to be fair.”

Danica continues: “Obviously, I think this is more for me to just let you know I do fancy you, I’m open to getting to know you a bit more, I enjoy our conversations, you make me feel very comfortable and I’m just letting you know so you’ve got the heads up.”

But will Andrew be open to Danica’s advances, or will he continue to have “tunnel vision” for Tasha?

Islanders face the heart rate challenge

Danica gets a text and the Islanders learn that tonight they will compete against each other in a sexy challenge to try and raise each others’ heart rates the most. 

Speaking about the night, Gemma says: “If Luca’s heart rate isn’t raised the most by me, as much as it’s a game - I’ll be fuming.” 

Islanders' saucy outfits include Paige as a lifeguard, Ekin-Su in a bridal outfit, Dami as a lab technician, Jay as a cowboy and Davide as a mysterious masked bandit. 

As the Islanders show off their best moves, who is getting attention from who, who is surprising who with kisses and who is left wanting more…? 

At the end of the challenge, the Islanders find out if they’ve raised their partner’s heart rate the most or if they have some explaining to do… 

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.