SCOTTISH Labour have said they will back the Scottish Government’s motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza this week.

Despite rumours the party was set to soften its response after Anas Sarwar had publicly called for a ceasefire in the Middle East, bosses have confirmed MSPs will support the SNP Government at Holyrood in a debate on Tuesday.

They will also seek to strengthen the motion by adding calls for the International Criminal Court to investigate the conduct of all parties in the Middle East conflict and an end to illegal occupation and siege.

However, according to Scottish Labour, discussions with the SNP over adding this detail have so far not been positive, with Humza Yousaf’s party continuing to attack their opponents over reports they would water down their stance.

The parties have reportedly been working together on the motion and amendment but the SNP have been accused of continuing to play "petty politics". 

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Sarwar’s party has stressed any attempt by the SNP not to support Labour’s amendment will “weaken the position of the parliament”.

A party spokesman said: “This is a profoundly disappointing approach from the SNP publicly.

“Since last Thursday the SNP and Scottish Labour have been working on both a motion and amendment which represented the broad consensus across the parliament.

“Scottish Labour’s amendment strengthens this motion by backing a ceasefire and adding calls for the International Criminal Court to investigate the conduct of all parties in this conflict.

The National: Humza Yousaf has urged Scottish Labour to 'stand firm' and support a ceasefire despite the parties reportedly working together on a motion and amendmentHumza Yousaf has urged Scottish Labour to 'stand firm' and support a ceasefire despite the parties reportedly working together on a motion and amendment (Image: PA)

“Despite agreement between Labour and the SNP on both the motion calling for an immediate ceasefire and Labour amendment which goes further, the SNP have now indicated they want to play petty politics with this issue instead.

“The SNP press office should retract this shameful attack which tarnishes the work both parties have done behind the scenes on this important issue.”

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On Monday morning, Yousaf said: “Anas Sarwar must stand firm and back an immediate ceasefire. We will await the detail of the Labour amendment, but it must not water down calls for a ceasefire, as is being reported.”

Both Scottish Labour MPs, Ian Murray and Michael Shanks, toed the party line last week at Westminster by abstaining on the SNP vote for a ceasefire and backing Labour's amendment, which instead called for longer humanitarian pauses. 

Ahead of the vote, Sarwar – who came out in support of a ceasefire a few weeks ago - appeared to make excuses for Murray and Shanks voting with Starmer all while stressing his MSPs would vote for the Scottish Parliament to call for a ceasefire next week, which led to criticism he was being hypocritical.

Rumours bubbled away over the weekend Sarwar would give into the softer stance of Starmer and replicate it at Holyrood, but party bosses have been quick to rubbish the suggestion.

The motion will be the first time the Scottish Parliament has the opportunity to vote for a ceasefire and follows a successful vote in the Welsh Assembly.

Alongside Labour, it is set to be backed by the Scottish Greens and Alba’s sole MSP Ash Regan (below) meaning it will pass.

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Green MSP Ross Greer said: “Every Scottish Green MSP will vote for the Scottish Government motion to support UN calls for a ceasefire. The longer that this terrible bombardment continues the more innocent people will suffer.

“Last week Westminster failed a basic moral test, with Tory and Labour MPs choosing to look the other way. The Scottish Parliament can and must be better than that. 

“All human life is equal. There must be a ceasefire on all sides and the release of all hostages. If we are to see sustainable peace, then it will need a negotiated agreement which respects the right of both peoples to safety and security. 

"We hope that MSPs from all parties can come together and send a clear and unambiguous message of peace and solidarity with everyone who has suffered.”

An Alba spokesperson added: “Ash [Regan] was the first member of the Scottish Parliament to lodge a motion calling for a ceasefire so is pleased that the Parliament is now getting the opportunity to support this.

“She is disappointed that there seems to be back room politicking going on between the SNP and Labour over what will and what will not be an acceptable amendment so that Anas Sarwar isn’t seen to be of an opposed view to Keir Starmer.

“She would urge everyone in Parliament to get behind the principle that for there to be peace the killing must stop and the only way for that to happen is through ceasefire.”