The National:

FOR anyone struggling through the cost-of-living crisis worsened and worsened by successive Tory governments, one of the party’s more confused MPs has some great news: the economy has actually grown “by 60 per cent”.

Angela Richardson, the Tory MP for Guildford, made the baffling claim during an appearance on the BBC’s Politics Live on Wednesday.

The discussion had focused on Rishi Sunak’s reported plans to slash the UK’s climate pledges, rowing back on just about everything – despite what he’d promised his own daughters.

Carla Denyer, the co-leader of the Greens in England and Wales, had told the BBC show: “The UK was already not doing enough on climate change and this is the Prime Minister making a dangerous and desperate U-turn, throwing the UK economy, as we’ve heard from businesses, the wellbeing of our citizens, and the future liveability of our planet out the window.”

“For what?” she added. “To chase a few votes from climate doubters.”

Asked to respond, Richardson made some pretty stunning claims. 

The Tory MP said: “We have cut emissions in this country since 2010 by 40%. We’ve cut them further than any other G7 nation.

“We’ve done that at the same time as growing the economy by 60%.”

The news that the UK economy has grown by 60% in the last 13 years will come as a shock to everyone – not least the Office for National Statistics.

According to the analysts at the ONS, it has in fact grown by an average of 2.7% every year since 2010 – excluding the outlier of 2020, when the impact of the Covid pandemic saw it shrink by 11%.

If you include that outlier year, the UK economy has grown an average of 1.6% each year since 2010. Even adding all that together, you’re still some way off Richardson’s bizarre assertion.

It was far from her only one. The Conservative also saw fit to say that "most emissions come out of people's homes and buildings that aren't insulated correctly".

Did the BBC host address or correct the Tory MP's wild claims?

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