THE SNP have slammed Suella Braverman for an “abhorrent” tweet in which she talked about migrants and have called for an “urgent” apology”.

Writing in The Sun on Wednesday, Keir Starmer laid out his plans to stop small boat crossings and send those who arrive illegally back to the EU.

But it appears as though the Home Secretary wasn’t impressed, saying the plans would make the UK a "dumping ground" for migrants. 

She tweeted: “Finally we see Sir Keir Starmer’s migration plan. He’ll let Brussels decide who comes to the UK.

“He’ll agree to make Britain the dumping ground for many of the millions of illegal migrants that Europe doesn’t want. And none of this will stop the boats.”

The National:

Braverman's tweet and Starmer’s plans were swiftly condemned by First Minister Humza Yousaf, who said: “Just woeful.

“The data tells us that migration is good for this country & is needed to help with our labour shortages. Migrants also contribute to our culture, academia, public service, and in many other ways.

“What a pathetically insular country the UK has become.”

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Now, the SNP are demanding an apology for Braverman’s "dumping ground" comments.

The party’s justice and immigration spokesperson, Chris Stephens said: "The Home Secretary's appalling language warrants an urgent apology. It is truly abhorrent that she thinks it is acceptable to refer to refugees and asylum seekers with such disdain.

"Such language makes a mockery of 'compassionate Conservatism' and in years gone by would have been met with calls for the Home Secretary's resignation. Now though, it seems Suella Braveman can break the ministerial code and have her colleagues admit she's unfit for office, and still keep her role in the cabinet.

"Whilst Scotland welcomes refugees and asylum seekers, Westminster becomes ever more insular and inhumane. It is only with the full powers of independence can Scotland offer refugees a fair and dignified system which allows them the opportunity and support to rebuild their lives."