ALEX Salmond has addressed a group of local residents at Maryhill Hub this afternoon in Glasgow, as part of his party’s Wee Alba Book tour.

Members of the Wyndford Residents Union asked Alba to commit to opposing the demolition of the four 26-storey high flats and potentially the Maryhill Hub community centre. The plans are being advanced by the Wheatley Group.

Salmond committed Alba to opposing the plans to demolish the four blocks of high flats.

Residents say the flats – a well-known local landmark – should be refurbished instead of destroyed.

The Group is looking to raze the 26-storey flats on Wyndford Road and replace them with 300 new homes for social and mid-market rent.

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The social landlord is forging ahead with the plans, despite backlash from residents.

Salmond said: “The residents have come up with a perfectly viable alternative of retrofitting the flats. We should be investing public money in improving housing not demolishing it, and politicians should listen to local community activism.”

Last year, the pro-independence party launched the Wee Alba Book which puts forward their views on issues in relation to independence such as currency, borders, pensions or an independent Scotland's relationship with Europe.

Salmond spoke to local activists about the ongoing campaign to improve housing in Wyndford to "emphasise the importance of listening to local people and local initiative as the best means of guiding public policy".

Salmond added: “I think the great housing reformer John Wheatley must be burlin’ in his grave at Dalbeth cemetery at the idea of the unnecessary demolition of 600 units of social housing and above all at the tone deaf response of local politicians to the residents. On the basis of this performance in Maryhill, the Wheatley Group should immediately change its name.

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"I’m proud to lead a party that so far has listened to the concerns of this community, as evidenced by a motion passed at our National Council last year. Alba oppose the plans to bulldoze the flats against the views of local people.

“This is the 59th Wee ALBA Book meeting we have held in little more than a year. These meetings are all about independence and how we advance the cause. If we want to see an independent Scotland, we must start speaking and, more importantly, listening to people, which is why we host these events around Scotland.

“There is a growing feeling in society at the moment that politicians simply aren’t listening, whether that be at Westminster, Holyrood or indeed at local level as demonstrated by the boorach we have in Wyndford.”