IRRESPONSIBLE camping behaviours have led NatureScot to channel almost £1 million to crack down on bad behaviour.

A similar scheme last summer saw 109 seasonal rangers called in to tackle irresponsible parking, camping, fires, toileting and litter at natural sites and in rural communities across Scotland.

NatureScot will hire 62 rangers to enforce rules around camping, while helping to keep trails and facilities in good order.

The National: Bottles strewn out across a beach along the shores of Loch Lomond (image: Police Scotland)Bottles strewn out across a beach along the shores of Loch Lomond (image: Police Scotland) (Image: Police Scotland)

Bridget Jones, NatureScot's recreation and paths manager, said: “The Better Places Fund supports rangers to promote responsible enjoyment and manage some of the busiest and most popular areas.

“We want to help people have positive and memorable experiences as they visit and enjoy Scotland’s dramatic landscapes of beaches, mountains, lochs and woodlands.

“But as we tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, we have to ensure that the country’s most spectacular locations are valued and cared for, so that they are there for future generations.”

Loch Lomond recently saw a bin set alight after a disposable BBQ was dropped inside of it amid a streak of anti-social behaviour along its shores.

The National:

Pictures shared on Facebook by Police Scotland showed litter strewn across a beach at the shore of the loch, and a large pile of trash in the middle of a green space.

Community cleanups across Scotland often see dozens of bags of trash removed at a time, with one beach sweep in Helensburgh seeing 60 bags brought away.

Last summer saw illegal camping and littering in Aberdour, with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust criticising irresponsible campers.

The National: Photos:Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, head of operations Robbie Blyth

The trust said: "A big thank you to our maintenance team who have had to deal with record levels of waste management at many coastal locations throughout Fife.

"This week, Aberdour Silver Sands and Burntisland Beach have experienced significant footfall and inappropriate camping which creates huge challenges for our teams on the ground.

The National: Trash piles up at a rubbish disposal site near Silver Sands Beach in AberdourTrash piles up at a rubbish disposal site near Silver Sands Beach in Aberdour

"When visiting the coast, please consider the most appropriate place to pitch your tent and if the bins are full, look for an alternative bin or even consider taking your waste home."

The new rangers will be sent to sites across the country, with Shetland, Glencoe, Loch Lomond, the NC500 and other sites around the country benefitting from the summer help.

NatureScot's funding will see £900,000 to support 60.2 full time equivalent posts.