FANS of Bruce Springsteen flooded Princes Street on Tuesday ahead of his concert at Murrayfield Stadium hoping to catch sight of The Boss.

As hundreds turned up with rumours flying around social media, the crowd caused traffic on the nearby South and North Bridge’s come to a standstill.

However, as police gathered outside The Balmoral to manage the crowd – officers told fans that Springsteen was not at the hotel.

A passer-by told the Edinburg News: “I was walking from my house down to the St James Quarter and noticed all of South Bridge was rammed with buses. It’s usually busy but this was something else. When I got near, there were loads of people outside The Balmoral, apparently, they were waiting for Bruce Springsteen.

“The police said he wasn’t even there - and was flying in. Apparently, his support band was, which maybe where the confusion come from, but all this for a glimpse of some old American rocker seems a bit much.”

Bruce Springsteen is set to play at BT Murrayfield tonight, May 30, with his E Street Band.

Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Around 12.50pm on Tuesday, 30 May, 2023 we were made aware of crowds gathering outside a premises on Princes Street, Edinburgh. Officers attended for crowd control and traffic management."