A SCOTRAIL employee has been applauded after standing up to a racist tweet.

After the company posted a promotional video on Twitter advertising its Kids for a Quid tickets, a user called Toffee2 commented complaining about some people involved in the clip.

They said: “Please explain why 0.5% of the population are in 100% of your adverts?”

A staff member instantly called out the racist remark and responded with: “I didn't realise they had twitter in the stone age. If black people using trains upsets you, try walking. ^Angus.”

Angus has since been hailed for his forthright response with some suggesting he should be named the company’s employee of the year for standing up for equality.

Others have recommended he be given a pay rise or bought a few pints, and many called him a “legend”.

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Former BBC journalist Ruth Watson said: “Angus wins Scottish Twitter for the day. #BeanAlly #StopRacism.”

Another user, Victor Meldraw, said: “@scotrail employee of the year, company ambassador and a paid vacation for Angus please.”

Nicky Cadogan added: “New favourite mode of transport and I’m not even in Scotland, well said!”