AN SNP MSP has spoken of the “homophobic nonsense” sent to him on social media after he posted about the Grampian Pride celebrations over the weekend.

LGBT+ Pride events took place in Aberdeen on Saturday, with a parade travelling through the city in the morning and musical performances going on during the afternoon in Duthie Park. 

Kevin Stewart, the MSP for Aberdeen Central, took to Twitter to explain how he had no issue with being criticised in his role as a politician - but that there was no place for homophobia.

He said: “As an MSP & Minister you get used to being criticised on social media and sometimes that criticism is fair and justified.

“However, the homophobic nonsense that I have faced this weekend after posting about Grampian Pride is not.

“I’ve used the block button more than ever before.”

Many replied to Stewart’s tweet to show solidarity with the abuse he had received.

“I’m so very sorry and sad to hear this Kevin. It’s getting steadily worse”, commented one user.

Another added: “Twitter can be such a horrible place sometimes. Solidarity.”

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The MSP replied: “It can be, but at times also so inspiring. Better to block the bad and still love the good.”

In response to another reply, Stewart said it was critical that “we cannot go backwards” and commented on Twitter’s “inaction” when it comes to dealing with abuse.