PRO-INDEPENDENCE march organisers have said it is "disappointing" the Scottish Greens will not attend one of their rallies. 

All Under One Banner (AUOB) claimed the party did not get back to their letter from May 22 – which set a Friday deadline to confirm whether the party’s co-leaders Patrick Harvie or Lorna Slater would attend one of the events.

The Scottish Greens said they have long-standing issues with some of the speakers invited to the rallies - saying the party would "not share a platform with those who do not share our vision of a progressive and tolerant Scotland". 

In a tweet, AUOB said: “In conclusion, there has been no reply from the Greens, with the leadership knowing that people will take this to mean they won't be attending Stirling – nor any of the national demonstrations.

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“The absence of engagement and lack of courtesy is disappointing from a pro-independence party.”

AUOB said it sent the letter to the party’s Edinburgh headquarters by recorded delivery as well as writing by email.

The group has organised five rallies this year, one in Stirling on June 24 – the day of the SNP’s independence convention – and others in Ayr, Skye, Falkirk and Edinburgh.

The letter sent to Harvie and Slater read: “As co-leaders of the Scottish Greens, a pro-independence political party, Yes supporters expect you to march and speak at at least one of this year’s national demonstrations.

"As ministers in the Scottish Government, you would represent all Scottish citizens by attending at least one of them – to speak up for Scotland’s right to decide and Scottish democracy.”

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A Scottish Greens spokesperson said: "If we are formally approached by AUOB to put up a speaker from the party, we will do what we have done on previous such occasions, which is to say we will not share a platform with those who do not share our vision of a progressive and tolerant Scotland, or people who are actively damaging the independence movement at present, and seek assurances over that.

"We have communicated this to AUOB in the past without reply, and have not received any such assurances. It is incorrect to say we have ignored any approach."

AUOB events have been criticised by some in the independence movement for their broad range of speakers, including those critical of the Scottish Government’s transgender law reforms.

Speakers at their last event included Ash Regan, Joanna Cherry and Alba’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

First Minister Humza Yousaf found himself in hot water after reneging on an invite to speak at the group's coronation day rally in Glasgow earlier this year. 

And the SNP were accused of "contempt" by the group after picking the date of an AUOB rally to hold their independence convention. 

The First Minister's team said he will send a senior SNP member to the rally in June.