AN SNP MSP has welcomed reassurance from the supermarket Aldi on the provision of Scotch beef in its stores, after he raised concerns relating to reports that Scotbeef had lost the contract to supply the chain with its produce.

Last month, rumours spread that Scotbeef – a meat processing company which supplies beef and lamb products to large brands such as Lidl and Marks & Spencer – was laying off staff at its Wolverhampton facility after losing a contract with Aldi.

SNP MSP Bill Kidd raised his concerns in the Scottish Parliament earlier this month, highlighting that that it was vital that retailers continued to offer a wide range of products to consumers during the cost-of-living crisis, including Scotch beef.

Now, Aldi have responded by saying it is “fully committed” to sourcing Scotch beef despite “currently experiencing a short-term supply shortage of Scotch Beef in our stores” due to a change in supplier.

The chain said that Scotch beef would be back on shelves during the summer.

Kidd said: “Scotch beef is a product of unparalleled quality that everyone should be able to enjoy if they wish – so I welcome this reassurance from Aldi that its customers will soon be able to purchase it from their stories once again.

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“This on-going Tory cost of living crisis is continuing to hammer consumers and suppliers in Scotland, which is why it has never been more vital that quality products remain widely available and affordable- for both suppliers and for shoppers.

“I’m sure this reassurance from Aldi will be very welcome to shoppers in my Anniesland constituency, as well as those right across Scotland, who deserve access to the very best of produce that Scotland’s bountiful larder has to offer.”