AN SNP MP is calling for gambling laws to do more to address advertising, ahead of the screening of a new documentary on the issue.

Inverclyde MP Ronnie Cowan will be at a showing of One Last Spin, which aims to raise awareness of the harms caused by gambling in the region and the lack of effective laws around the issue.

The 30-minute film follows recovering gambling addicts Martin Paterson, Kelly Field, John Myers and Tony Franklin – and includes interviews with academic Gerda Reith, manager of Scotland Reducing Gambling William Griffiths and Inverclyde MP Cowan.

It comes amid a consultation on a UK Government white paper with recommendations from the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on gambling-related harm.

Although the most recent regulation on gambling in the UK is the Gambling Act 2005, the UK Government is looking into reform.

The National:

The White Paper recommendations include affordability checks on gamblers, stake limits and an industry levy to help with support for gambling addicts.

Cowan said: "I told MPs that all gambling advertising must be under review if the White Paper is to mean anything.

"Advertising is the thing that through its exposure to children potentially creates the addicts of the future. 

"It normalises gambling as part of day-to-day life and that is wrong. This White Paper must address this issue.

"Gambling adverts should be banned at sports events, not just on sports kits, but throughout stadia.

"That will not affect those who gamble responsibly, but it will help shield children from the harms advertising promotes.”

Cowan has also called for restrictions on the advertisement of gambling in places such as sports events, digital billboards and football shirts.

He said: "Football clubs in the English Premiership are to adopt a voluntary code in future on gambling adverts on the front of jerseys.

"Now that it is accepted that harm is caused by the exposure of children to these adverts, why would we stop there?

"What about the Scottish Professional Football League?

"Children in Scotland are not immune to gambling adverts.

"We also need to address gambling adverts elsewhere on football shirts and gambling adverts on digital billboards surrounding the field of play.

"If we accept that this is causing harm to children, then all gambling adverts in all sports stadia should be stopped.

"We can't rely on a voluntary code for this. Gambling adverts in sports grounds must be banned through legislation.

"Like all addictions gambling harm affects not just the individual, but their friends and families too.

"There are estimated to be hundreds of suicides in the UK each year as a result of gambling debts ruining lives.”

One Last Spin brings attention to gambling as a public health issue by presenting real-life stories and the journey to recovery.

It also explores the risk of gambling becoming an addiction and its potential to destroy people’s lives, damaging relationships with friends and family and potentially leading to suicide as a result of gambling debts.

The screening of the documentary will take place on Friday, May 26, at 2pm in Inverkip Hub, Inverclyde.

Cowan will take part in a discussion at the screening.

He said: "One Last Spin is a powerful film which recounts the stories of those who have been directly affected by gambling harm.

"Only by listening to the lived experience of people will we have a chance of protecting future generations.

"This White Paper is a positive step forwards that has the potential to save lives. But we need to go further.

"I would urge anyone involved in local government, public health, or who has been affected by addiction, to come to the screening of One Last Spin."

Tickets for the event can be found on Eventbrite.