BROADCASTER and independence campaigner Lesley Riddoch is to tour Scotland to promote her new book Thrive.

The book focuses on the case for Scottish independence and how this existed even before devolution and a Scottish Government led by the SNP.  

Speaking to The National, Riddoch said: “It’s not trying to pull rabbits from hats with new insights into currency, deficit and borders.

“It does humbly suggest these challenges have been dealt with by every single country that has ever become independent – but they didn’t get independent by focusing exclusively on problem-solving.

“What’s the positive case for independence and what are the deep-seated and long cultivated doubts about our own capacity to govern ourselves that stop many Scots embracing independence?”

When are the events taking place?

The first event is due to be hosted by the Dundee and Angus Independence Group and will take place on June 6 at Discovery Point at 7pm – tickets are available HERE.

Group member Jane Phillips said: “What we’re trying to do is get people to think big and that’s basically what the book is about.

“It’s this idea of why are we not believing in ourselves, we have all it takes to thrive so it kind of chimed with our feeling as an independence group.

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“We feel we can do it; we’re trying to bring people in to continue the conversation and have a bit of faith in ourselves.”

Here’s a list of other events:

  • Fort William – June 9 – Kilmallie Community Centre
  • Inverness – June 10 – Spectrum Centre
  • Rothes - June 11 - Tickets HERE.
  • Ellon, Aberdeenshire – June 12 – Buchan Hotel - Tickets HERE.
  • Perth – June 15 – AK Bell Library
  • Edinburgh – June 22 – Toppings
  • Maybole – June 25 - Carrick Centre
  • Castle Douglas – June 29 – Venue TBC

For more information, visit Riddoch's website HERE.

What was it like writing the book?

Riddoch says she wrote Thrive in “three months flat” but that she is looking forward to speaking to Scots across the country about the end product.

She added: “Writing Thrive has been uplifting but also a massive slog. I developed agonising sciatica, probably because I was sitting in a library for six hours at a time during January and February.

“A wee note to everyone else – the body does not like to sit typing for six hours at a time!

“But since Thrive dwells on the incredible capacity that sits relatively untapped within the Scottish population – a capacity for self-government demonstrated in every community project and buyout – it was a very upbeat book to write.

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“Unless you actually meet people who share your outlook all over Scotland, it’s possible to believe you are on your own believing Scotland can do better as an independent, energy-rich, progressive north Atlantic state.

“You’re not. And I hope the Thrive tour proves it.”