THE SNP’s depute leader has said it’s “unfortunate” when parts of the Yes movement “have a go at each other” after his party were accused of showing “contempt” for the grassroots movement.

This comes as it was revealed that the SNP plan to holds their special independence convention on June 24 – the same day as All Under One Banner’s Yes demonstration in Stirling.

A senior member of the SNP will attend the event after the First Minister declined the invitation.  

AUOB subsequently said that this showed “contempt” for the grassroots movement.

Asked about this on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Brown said: “I think it’s unfortunate when parts of the Yes movement have that kind of go at each other to be honest.

“I have attended any number of All Under One Banner marches, I’ve spoken at many of them indeed.”

The SNP’s conference on independence had previously been scheduled for March 19, although was postponed due to Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation.

Brown continued: “In this case, this is the last week before the summer recess, this is the date which the SNP needs to have its discussion on.

“Now, many people within the SNP go to All Under One Banner events.”

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Asked by host Laura Maxwell if people would be able to attend both and whether or not this was possible, the depute leader said: “The format for our day in Dundee will be set out in the course of the next coming days.

“There should be different activities going on across the Yes movement at any given time. I think that’s very important and there’s nothing wrong with SNP members demanding and having the opportunity to discuss its strategy for the way forward for independence and the next Westminster election.”