THE SNP’s leader in Westminster has said that a hung parliament will be “key” to Scotland’s future as he dismissed reports of a trade off with Labour over indyref2. 

Labour have consistently ruled out a coalition with the SNP, with Keir Starmer previously citing a “fundamental disagreement” with a party that wants independence for Scotland.

In an interview with The Scotsman, Flynn said that the UK was on course for a hung parliament at the next General Election.

He told the newspaper: “Everyone’s of the view that Keir’s going to be the next prime minister, and he’s likely to be the prime minister of a minority government.

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“And in that case he’s going to require support to get on with his agenda and that affords us the opportunity to say ‘well, you know what, your agenda should also involve empowering Scotland’s Parliament’.

“The devolution of energy, devolution of immigration policy the ability to access the single market, and, of course, the big one for us, which is to ensure the powers over Scotland’s future rest in Holyrood not Westminster.”

The SNP have previously said they will try to “undo Brexit as far as possible” and call for Scotland to be given the power to hold indyref2.

Flynn also told The Scotsman: “I think the ability for Holyrood to hold a referendum would be extremely high up my priority list, if not right up the top, because it is the way that Scotland can best align itself with the European Union and move forward with the benefits that come with that and solve many of the social problems and economic challenges that we face.

“Whilst we are still in the United Kingdom, I think it’s fair and reasonable to seek to ensure that Scotland’s Parliament garners additional powers and resources.

“Devolution doesn’t go far enough, and we’d like some meat on the bones.”

Stephen Flynn re-tweeted The Scotsman’s front page late last night which ran with the headline: “Flynn suggests SNP may still back Labour without indyref.”

He said: “As much as I admire the fourth estate, I’m not in the habit of hinting nor suggesting.

“Scotland’s future must rest in the hands of Holyrood, not Westminster. A hung parliament offers us the chance to make that happen – and it goes without saying that it will be ‘key’ for us.”

Although Starmer has repeatedly ruled out a coalition with the SNP, Flynn suggested this was something that could change.

He said: “I think we would be afforded the opportunity to make sure that Labour are delivering for Scotland and empowering us to have an independence referendum.

“That’s undoubtedly more likely with them than it is with the Conservatives. We know from experience about Keir Starmer’s ability to change his mind quite readily, but when push comes to shove, I think we can change it again.”