THE Scottish Tories have responded to a “misleading” report on the BBC – which claimed the party had “police sources” in their ears about the SNP investigation.

A spokesperson for the party denied police sources were contacting the party with concerns about the ongoing investigation into the SNP – which some have claimed has given Nicola Sturgeon and other figures preferential treatment due to their status.

Glenn Campbell, BBC Radio Scotland’s political editor, suggested a link between the Tories and police on Tuesday’s drivetime show, during a discussion about the timing of the search warrant issued to search Sturgeon and Peter Murrell’s home.

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He said: “When it comes to this timeline of events over the police request for a search warrant, the Conservatives are saying that there has been this continual sense that there’s something not quite right with this investigation and they’re saying that that’s coming to them from sources within the police.

Labour are saying that this is an interesting development that will raise eyebrows.”

But the Scottish Conservatives denied this – saying they do not have an “inside track” within Police Scotland.

They said the BBC had incorrectly paraphrased comments made by Tory MSP Russell Findlay, who had raised comments from an “insider” published in The Sunday Times, saying it appeared the SNP were being treated favourably by police.  

A party spokesperson told The National: “To be clear, Russell was quoting a source, an insider, that was quoted in The Times and that’s the only reference we’ve made.

"All our information on this has either come from FOIs or what’s been in the papers. This is a kind of misleading way of saying it. It sounds like we’ve got an inside track, we absolutely don’t, to be clear.”

The BBC was approached for comment.