WHENEVER we ask people what they want to see more of in The National, our subscribers say they want more in-depth analysis and explainers on economic issues.

Yes supporters across Scotland want to feel prepared to take on the big economic arguments surrounding independence – how do you set up a new currency, what are deficits, what leaving the Union would mean for the money in their pocket, etc. They want to be able to confidently respond to the apocolyptic claims from the Unionist side.

But activists don’t just want to be able to repeat soundbites they’ve heard from politicians. They want to understand these concepts, which can be alien to many of us -and kept deliberately so by those at the very top of society.

So we’re stepping in to help respond to this demand, by teaming up with the economics podcasters Scotonomics for a special weekly newsletter.

Fresh from hosting Scotland’s first festival of economics in Dundee, Kairin van Sweeden and William Thomson (below) will answer your burning questions about economics – particularly, the economics of an independent Scotland.

The National: William Thomson.

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Commenting on the new collaboration, Thomson said: "We need to answer different questions to the ones posed half a century ago.

“How do we end the rampant inequality that is breaking our social fabric? How do we achieve full employment? How do we end poverty? How do we deal with the unfolding climate and biodiversity crisis?

“Understanding the economics of the real world provides insight that opens up a list of new policy options."

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