THERE are 145 stories about the coronation on the BBC News website but none of them are about opposition to the event or the monarchy.

Campaign group Republic said it had counted the number of articles about the crowning of King Charles III in the build-up to the ceremony on Saturday.

The pile of stories from the corporation goes into great detail about the coronation including an explainer on who King Charles is and what kind of monarch he will be.

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Other articles include a guide to the coronation weekend, videos showing the golden coaches and inside Westminster Abbey, seven things you may not know about the Commonwealth and spotlight pieces on communities marking the occasion.

But not a single story looks at opposition to the Royal Family, protests against the event or anything else that is going on on the same day.

This is despite a YouGov poll recently showing a majority of Brits are not interested in the coronation (52%). The survey also showed a large portion (73%) believe the royals should pay for some or all of the event and, if given the choice, more than two thirds would not contribute their taxes to it.

Republic, which has accused the BBC of a lack of impartiality on the coronation, posted on Twitter: “145 stories about the coronation on the BBC News website – including a lot of trivia – and not a single headline about growing opposition, protests or widespread indifference.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “We believe our reporting is fair and duly impartial, and BBC News always seeks to reflect a range of viewpoints in our royal coverage. We will report on all aspects of the coronation.”