A LIVE discussion with SNP MP Joanna Cherry at a major Edinburgh comedy venue has been cancelled – with reports claiming staff said they would not be comfortable working at the event.

An “In conversation with …” event was scheduled to be held on August 10 at The Stand’s New Town Theatre on George Street, as part of a series of discussions with various high-profile Scots including Anas Sarwar and Bobby Bluebell.

However Cherry’s event has been called off, with tickets no longer available to buy from the Edinburgh Fringe’s official site and the description page deleted.

According to The Times, staff members’ concerns over Cherry’s gender-critical views could not be alleviated.

However, The Stand is understood to have told event promoters Fair Pley that the show wasn’t being scrapped because of Cherry’s stance on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill debate, but rather because of concerns over proper staffing levels.

“It should not be possible for venues or their staff to no-platform lesbians or feminists who believe that sex is an immutable biological fact just because of our sexuality or our beliefs,” Cherry said.

“That sort of discrimination is unlawful and I’m sure most people would agree it’s not acceptable.”

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She went on: “What does it say about the Fringe and Edinburgh, the home of the enlightenment, when an elected Edinburgh politician can’t be asked questions on stage in the city they represent?”

It comes after trans comedian Bethany Black called off a show at The Stand’s sister venue in Glasgow because of Cherry’s scheduled appearance.

In a statement on Twitter, Black accused the SNP politician of wanting to “exclude people like me from public life”, in reference to Cherry’s opposition to self-ID policies for transgender people.

Cherry has previously strenuously denied accusations of transphobia.