AN SNP MP has said he “turned the tables” on a BBC presenter amid a discussion about the resignation of Richard Sharp.

The former chairman of the broadcaster resigned on Friday following the publication of a report which found he had broken the corporation’s code on public appointments.

He said he quit to “prioritise the interests” of the BBC feeling that “this matter may well be a distraction from the Corporation’s good work” were he to remain in post.

Shortly after the announcement, the SNP’s John Nicolson appeared on BBC News to discuss Sharp’s resignation.

He was asked by the newsreader: “He has not proven to have done anything wrong over this alleged loan and nor has he been shown to have done anything wrong while he was Chairman of the BBC.”

Nicolson replied: “So why has he resigned?”

The MP re-tweeted the short clip on his social media and said: “This BBC News presenter hasn’t quite understood the distinction between challenging an interviewee i.e. me (which is ok) and defending the indefensible i.e. #RichardSharp (which isn’t his job).

“So I thought I’d turn the tables on him. Have a watch.”

Nicolson also hit out at the main BBC News programme which aired at 6pm on Friday for not having an SNP voice to discuss the issue.

He said: “Quite wrong that the BBC News at 6pm has no @theSNP voice on the #RichardSharp story (not least since I’ve led the criticism of his appointment). Labour interviewed.

“But inexplicably not asked if it would change the cosy relationship between party donations & top jobs.”

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Although BBC News did not have a voice from the SNP, Nicolson himself did make an appearance on Reporting Scotland at 6.30pm.

He told the broadcaster he never thought Richard Sharp should have been “appointed in the first place”.

A BBC spokesperson said: “BBC News has covered this story extensively across its outlets and featured a range of views and voices, including John Nicolson’s.”