ACTIVISTS from the This Is Rigged climate group have been filmed being dragged away from the Scottish Parliament after staging a protest ahead of FMQs.

Two climate campaigners were photographed and filmed being taken away from Holyrood by police after apparently splattering red paint across the front of the building.

Police confirmed that the pair, aged 26 and 23, were arrested and charged in connection with vandalism and a breach of the peace.

The activist group has repeatedly disrupted FMQs this year by gaining access to the public gallery and shouting over MSPs – calling on the Scottish Government to oppose all new oil and gas projects, despite energy being an issue reserved to Westminster.

In response, the Scottish Parliament brought in additional security processes and a new ticketing system to avoid further interruptions.

This week, there was no immediate disruption to FMQs inside the Chamber – however activists said they would be changing tactics and “escalating” their methods.

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In a statement, This Is Rigged said: “Today, two people painted the front of the Scottish Parliament to call attention to our government’s criminal inaction on the climate crisis.

“We tried asking – we challenged our politicians directly, in the seat of power, but they are unwilling to hear us.

“Pleasing with politicians for a liveable future is clearly futile, so it is up to us now to create the change we desperately need.

“So we are escalating – we will take it to the streets, to the infrastructure, to the media.

“This summer, we will shut down Scotland’s oil industry until our demands are met.”

Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.