THE Scottish Tory party chairman has admitted he has not spoken to Lord Frost after he advocated for “reversing devolution”.

In a column for the Daily Telegraph, David Frost suggested that the Tories should seize the SNP’s “implosion” as a chance to roll back the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

The former Brexit negotiator's claims sparked fury amongst Scottish Tory MSPs and politicians, with the party press office even releasing a statement condemning the remarks.

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However, it has now emerged that the Scottish Tories party chairman has not spoken to Frost about his comments and the impact they could have on the party north of the border.

Craig Hoy, who has been party chairman since May 2022, said he “fundamentally disagreed” with Frost’s comments, but then admitted he hadn’t challenged him on them.

Asked on the BBC Sunday Show if he had spoken to Lord Frost, Hoy said: “No, I haven’t.”

Probed on why he had not when his comments were evidently damaging to the Scottish Tories, Hoy said: “Absolutely, but Lord Frost is the backbench peer, whose view is no more important than any other member of the party or the House of Lords.

The National: Frost is the Tories former Brexit negotiatorFrost is the Tories former Brexit negotiator

“He doesn't hold any government office. He doesn't hold any formal role in the party.

“So I will see no need to respond to his suggestions, but all I would say is I fundamentally disagree with them.

“And I will always stand up for devolution and stand up for making the Scottish Parliament as effective as it can be so that it can deliver for ordinary Scots right across the country.”

Frost was the UK Government’s lead Brexit negotiator before he resigned in December 2021, stating he was “concerned” about the direction of travel of the government, in relation to its Covid-19 plan B.

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Hoy was asked if he was concerned that Frost’s comments might be the “start of something”, as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will be more focussed on home country votes than those in Scotland at the next General Election.

“I'm not concerned about that at all. Rishi Sunak is absolutely committed to devolution,” Hoy said.

“He's absolutely committed to the Scottish Parliament and he's absolutely committed to Scotland.

“We saw that when he was here announcing two green free ports. We see that through the levelling up agenda.”

We previously told how environmental groups warned that the UK Tories Levelling Up Bill would allow them to undermine and “rewrite” devolved laws.

Frost claimed last week that devolving powers to both Scotland and Wales “has resulted only in the recreation of closed-shop fiefdoms”.

He argued that Brexit meant no more powers should be devolved to Scotland and instead “it’s time to reverse the process”.