A FORMER Tory government minister has been condemned after saying that the SNP’s "implosion" is a chance to put devolution into reverse.

Writing in his column for the Daily Telegraph, Lord Frost claimed that devolving powers to both Scotland and Wales “has resulted only in the recreation of closed-shop fiefdoms”.

Frost’s column was blasted as “arrogant” and a “load of baloney” by both the SNP and the Scottish Conservatives.

The Tory peer, who briefly served as the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, argued that Brexit meant that no more powers should be devolved to Scotland. In fact, he argued the opposite, saying that “it’s time to reverse the process”.

The National:

He said: “Devolution was designed in a different world – a world in which many powers theoretically devolved to Scotland were actually held at EU level and could not be exercised in practice. Brexit changed that.”

Frost went on: “Time to stop. Devolution was about enabling powers to be exercised closer to the people in a more practical and accountable way.

“Instead, it has resulted in the creation of closed-shop fiefdoms, effective one-party states, a tinpot amateurish one in Wales and a seriously dangerous one in Scotland.

“Let’s not forget that most people in Scotland oppose independence and in Wales there is real ambivalence even about the extent of devolution.

“Yet that Scottish majority has to live with permanent uncertainty about their future as British citizens and with a bullying, hectoring political culture that, hitherto, has intimidated SNP critics into submission."

Fellow peer Kate Hoey replied in agreement and encouraged him to go further.

"You didn’t mention a failed one in Northern Ireland," the Brexiteer wrote. "Another reason to row back on devolution."

SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, Joanna Cherry, called the claims “arrogant ignorant nonsense”. She tweeted: “Good to see that even the Scottish Tories are disowning this arrogant ignorant nonsense.

“Devolution is not about any one political party. It is the settled will of the Scottish people.”

SNP councillor Ruairi Kelly added: "The UK is a basket case, in a world of financial turmoil the Tories have made things worse at every opportunity. And their big plan for Scotland is to tell us to just keep quiet and let the English parliament run it all."

Conservatives joined in on the condemnation, as Murdo Fraser, Scottish Tory MSP for mid-Scotland and Fife, called the column “nonsense”. He tweeted in response to Frost: “This is nonsense. Devolution has allowed us to shine a light on SNP failures. The @Conservatives will not be rolling it back.”

Donald Cameron, Tory MSP for the Highlands and Islands, said: “What a load of baloney.

“Devolution hasn't failed and no Conservative should want to reverse it.”