THERE are calls for Humza Yousaf to back an independence convention as a new poll shows that a majority of Yes voters think it would be good for the movement. 

The project would bring together all pro-independence parties and pressure groups, and was backed by both Kate Forbes and Ash Regan during the SNP leadership contest.

Alba have welcomed the results with the party’s Westminster leader Neale Hanvey saying an independence convention can “help the movement achieve its ultimate objective of securing Scotland’s independence”.

Pollster Panelbase put to respondents that: “The UK Government has blocked a new referendum on Scottish independence. An independence convention has been proposed that would include representatives of all pro-independence parties and representatives of civic society to chart a path forward for the independence movement.”

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Results showed that two third (66%) of those who voted Yes in 2014 believed that it would help “drive forward the campaign for Scottish independence”.

Hanvey acknowledged that different groups within the independence movement will have different visions, but that this should not lead to division or infighting.

“At this crucial junction on the road towards independence, it is important that we come together as a movement”, Hanvey said.

“We may have different ideas about what an independent Scotland should look like, but we share a common goal of breaking away from Westminster rule and creating a better future for our country.

“The establishment of an independence convention will ensure that the urgent necessity of Scottish independence will be at the top of the agenda of the First Minister and his government.”

Writing in The National, the First Minister has stressed that SNP members should not “lose faith” in the belief they can work together to secure independence.

Hanvey added: “This poll is welcome and it shows that Humza Yousaf and his new government must back an independence convention to ensure that building support to independence is its top priority.

“Alba welcomed during the SNP leadership contest that two of the three candidates backed an independence convention that would bring the entire movement together to build support for independence and ensure that Westminster’s feet are held to the fire.

“We welcome the support of Humza Yousaf’s party membership to bring the independence movement back together by backing Alba’s longstanding call for an independence convention.

“The cause of independence is bigger than any one political party, so if the First Minister wants to bring Scotland closer to independence he must embrace the convention as an immediate priority.”