CAROL Vorderman has rounded up a large number of Tory MPs and councillors who do not say which party they represent on their social media profile after she put out a call for help on Twitter.

The TV presenter, known for her appearances on Countdown, asked her 738,000 followers to screenshot any Conservative politician who did not mention the party they represented on their social media.

She said: “I WANT YOUR HELP. I’ve noticed a number of Tory MP & councillors removing mention of them being Tories from their social media profiles.

“I’d like to collate them and do some statistical work on this (you know I like numbers!). CAN YOU SCREENSHOT ANY YOU FIND AND POST HERE.”

According to a post sent by Vorderman at 4pm on Monday, said that more than 70% of the party’s MPs did not say they were Conservative.

“What’s more … many more are also using the colour green on election leaflets!!”, Vorderman wrote.

Several high-profile politicians, including numerous former prime ministers, were among those not to say they were Conservative in their Twitter bio. 

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None of Boris Johnson, Theresa May or Liz Truss show any indication on their social media profile of representing the Tories.

The current Prime Minister, however, does say that he is the leader of the Conservatives on his profile.

Nadhim Zahawi, who was recently sacked as chair of the Conservative Party, also failed to mention the party he was elected to represent.

Vorderman also spotted that Lee Anderson, the current deputy chair of the Conservative Party did not have Conservative in his bio and posted a screenshot to prove this.

A few hours later, Anderson had quickly changed his bio from not including Conservative to saying that he was in fact deputy chair of the party.

He also told the TV presenter to “act your age”, to which she replied she was “howling laughing” as she told the MP and GB News presenter to “get a grip”.

Many took to Twitter to praise Vorderman, including journalist Caitlin Moran, who said: “Wow - @carolvorder’s pleasing bit of number-crunching on how many Conservative MPs have removed any mention of being Conservative from their social media profiles before the forthcoming local election is EYE OPENING.

“Her timeline features… almost every single one…”

It’s not the first time that the presenter has spoken out against the Conservative Party.

She previously described them as “morally corrupt”.

She also lent her support to Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker after the ex-footballer was embroiled in a row over impartiality after using Twitter to compare the UK Government’s asylum legislation with Germany in the 1930s.

At the time, she posted a tweet with the hashtag #IStandWithGary.