AS the SNP reacts to Humza Yousaf being named as their new leader, the Yes movement has also reacted.

We have and will continue to speak to Yes activists, groups, and prominent figures on their reaction to the result throughout the day.


Jacob Ross, 20, said he is "extremely happy about the result" and that Yousaf is "clearly proud" of grassroots activists.

He said: "Humza will be a great leader of the SNP. I believe that the Yes movement will be championed by Humza, he is someone that is clearly proud and thankful for the grassroots activists of Yes and Scottish independence!

"Yes will hopefully take Humza on and I am sure the Yes movement will, with the help of Humza, gain independence for the country."

William Golden said he had voted for Kate Forbes but that the party had an upfront election, and now it's time for Yousaf to lead.

He said: "Three candidates all with various views on the way forward. I personally voted for Kate Forbes but will now give Humza my full backing. It's now up to him to lead."

William Dunbar from Aberdeen, who was previously a No voter, said: "[Yousaf] now has my support (though I didn't vote for him).

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"He needs to ramp-up to show that he's more than a 'continuity FM'. That starts with sorting SNP internal management and building a strong cabinet. Also connecting with wider Yes movement & listening to the 48% who didn't vote for him."

Catherina said it was "great news". She added: "I think people will be able to relate to him and his strong pro-independence and progressive message. He was the only one outspoken for women's rights, the only one outspoken for the rights of minorities, the only one set to fight the S35 order. We are in good hands."

French ambassador for Europe for Scotland, Elise Tallaron, said she had joined the SNP after the televised announcement of Yousaf's win. 

The National: The moment Yousaf was announced the winnerThe moment Yousaf was announced the winner (Image: PA)

Tallaron said: "Just joined the SNP following the announcement! Humza Yousaf’s win shows SNP is progressive, open & inclusive & this reflects the values of Scotland. I look forward to a reinvigorated campaign and welcome the new FM’s commitment to joining the EU & collab with Scottish Greens."

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, a leading Gaelic activist and Gaelic editor of Northwords Now said: "Meal do naidheachd, Humza. Tha mi an dòchas gun toir thu urram dod ghealladh inbhe oifigeil a thoirt don Ghàidhlig is Bheurla Ghallta is na h-ealain a dhìon."

"Congratulations, Humza. I hope you honour your promise of official status for Gaelic and Scots and protecting the arts."

Yes Groups

The Aberdeen Independence Movement told The National that the SNP has "planted its flag firmly on the progressive hill."

They added: "We would like to congratulate Humza on his election to SNP leader and de facto leader of the wider yes movement. We are delighted that the SNP has planted its flag firmly on the progressive hill.

"We have much work to do and look forward to playing our part in building that wide civic movement and look forward to working with Humza on this. It's now time to come together and push on, we have a nation to win, so let's get on with the job."

Graham Larkin, a member of AyeFyne, said it was the correct result and that Humza "articulates the inclusivity that's required to bring the SNP together and to move forward towards winning independence".

Jacqui Jensen, who was instrumental in the Supreme Court rally in Perth said: "I’m thrilled to have a new leader with progressive credentials who is willing to support the grassroots Yes Movement, who favours a well-being economy. As an activist and SNP member, I can get behind Humza Yousaf easily and with good heart."

The National: Yousaf with his family following his victory speechYousaf with his family following his victory speech (Image: PA)

In a statement, the campaign group All Under One Banner (AUOB) said: "Congratulations to Humza Yousaf and also well done to Ash Regan and Kate Forbes for hard-fought campaigns. AUOB is a non-party-political aligned campaign organisation, we are always fully focused on independence."

The group concluded their statement by saying they were looking forward to "meeting Scotland's First Activist" on Saturday, May 6 at their independence rally in Glasgow.

William Thomson from the Scotonomics podcast said he had a message for Yousaf to elect a leader for an independence campaign. He said: "Lead the country. And support the independence movement to elect a leader to lead the independence campaign."

Yes London said they congratulated Yousaf and added: "With an election looming next year, it’s now time for the party to come together as one".

Ungagged, the podcast producer and campaign material group, said it was the "absolutely right decision".

The group said the result showed that "the vote shows that the SNP members are pretty much in tune with Scotland, as a progressive left country".

Leading figures

Activist and author Billy Kay said he had predicted in 2012 that Yousaf would lead the party one day.

He shared the anecdote by saying: "Many congratulations Humza Yousaf. After I interviewed you in 2012, I told my family that I thought you could lead the party one day. Delighted I got that call correct. Please now do your utmost to bring the brilliant Kate Forbes on board so that she’s at the core of our cause."

Presenter of The Nation Talks on Independence Live, John Drummond said Yousaf now must implement a "four-fold strategy for independence".

He said: "Congratulations Humza Yousaf, you now need to implement a coherent four-fold strategy for independence: (a) a strategy to convince a significant majority in Scotland to want independence; (b) a strategy to make the United Kingdom Government accede to independence; (c) a strategy to convince the rest of Europe and our allies to welcome independence, and (d) a strategy to lay the constitutional foundations of the new Scottish State."

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The National columnist and author, Lesley Riddoch said: "Congrats Humza Yousaf. Great acceptance speech. But lessons be learned. SNP needs genuine policy debate, internal democracy, boldness in rebuttal & better public communications. Good to hear of grassroots independence campaign but needs resources & involvement by new leader. All doable."

Norrie Hunter from Caledon Radio said: "He better have good ideas for independence and it will be interesting who is deputy leader. He has to hit the ground running and galvanise the Yes movement."

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, founder of the leading grassroots Yes campaign Believe in Scotland said: "Independence support will only rise if we campaign and focus the nation’s thinking on the benefits of independence versus the irreversible decline of Brexit Britain.

"We hope Humza will put the SNP on an independence campaign footing on day one of his leadership."