PETER Murrell is standing down as the SNP's chief executive after taking up the post in 1999.

It comes amid a row over the party's membership figures that led to communications chief Murray Foote leaving his post – pointing to the information he had been given as leading to inaccurate responses to media.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

"He's obviously taking responsibility for the recent issue with membership. He had intended to stand down when there was a new leader but I think he was right to make that announcement today."

SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan

"Eight years ago was the point where it was unacceptable to have the husband of the party leader as the CEO.

"I am encouraged to see the democratic foundations of the party now asserting their rightful function.

"The SNP is more than capable of surviving this, as long as we stick true to our roots, and we uphold the values of our members.

"Accountability, transparency, modernity and accessibility are our foundations.

"Every time we believe we have met our capacity to overcome a challenge, we can look up to our guiding lights, and know that our capacity may be limitless.

"I will lead a Stronger SNP, together for Scotland."

SNP leadership candidate Humza Yousaf

"Peter Murrell has been an outstanding servant of the independence movement and the SNP.

"As I have said repeatedly throughout this campaign, he is the most electorally successful Chief Executive of any party in the UK and the SNP has been lucky to have him. Our election wins from 2007 to 2021 owe much to his political abilities.

"I agree with Peter that it is time for him to move on and make way for a new leader to appoint a new Chief Executive as passionate about the SNP and the cause of independence as he has been.

“With less than ten days to go in this Leadership contest, it is vital we all focus on the policies and vision we have for the party, movement and country.

"I am a son of the SNP, having first joined this party almost 20 years ago, and I am committed to its values built upon the collective strength of its membership. I am ready to take the campaign for independence to the next level.

"I am the only candidate offering that positive future for the party, and as we wish Peter well, I hope we can get back to the issues that matter in this campaign – building on our progressive values, making Scotland a fairer nation and winning our independence."

SNP MP Joanna Cherry

"If anyone was in any doubt that the SNP needed a reset the events of the last days have proved it. Winning elections isn’t enough. It’s what you do with the wins that matters. Integrity matters. Our party & our country can & will do better than this."

LibDem Scottish Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine


Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie

“This latest resignation of a top SNP figure goes to show that the wheels have fallen off the SNP wagon.

“When Scotland most needs responsible governance, the SNP has turned inward and begun to tear itself apart.

“If this is what is happening in the party, just imagine the chaos in government.

“Even leadership candidates have cast aspersions on the trustworthiness of the SNP machine.

“While Scots struggle to get by, the SNP are fighting like ferrets in a sack.

“Scotland deserves better than this divided SNP government.”

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy MSP

“Peter Murrell’s resignation is long overdue – but there remain serious questions for him to answer, not least over the ‘missing’ £600k from party accounts.

“The brutal, shambolic SNP leadership election appears to have been the tipping point that’s forced the First Minister’s husband to quit before he was pushed.

“When two of the three candidates publicly question the integrity of the contest to elect Scotland’s First Minister and the party’s top spin doctor quits because he was fed lies by senior party figures, then the game is up.

“While he may be quitting as chief executive, Peter Murrell must fully cooperate with any probes into the way this leadership election has been run – and with the police inquiry into the SNP’s finances.

“This ongoing SNP civil war is disastrous for the whole of Scotland. How can a party that is unable to govern itself possibly govern the country?

“The public’s real priorities are being ignored as the SNP turns inwards on itself – and that will remain the case whoever emerges from this carnage as First Minister.”

Stewart McDonald MP

"I wish Peter Murrell well. He has presided over an incredible number election victories and a level of growth that the other parties can only dream of. The successes we've enjoyed since 2007 simply would not have been possible without him."

Lesley Riddoch

"Good to see Peter Murrell has gone. Winning elections is one thing. Turning the SNP into a closed shop with a corporate, stage-managed conference is another. Membership row is just the last straw. Scotland & Indy need a more open SNP, w/o a police investigation hanging over it."

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