THE SNP leadership candidates have been invited to speak at an independence rally timed to coincide with the coronation.

All Under One Banner’s (AUOB) national committee has written letters to Kate Forbes, Humza Yousaf and Ash Regan urging them to attend their rally in Glasgow on May 6 – requesting a reply this Wednesday.

It means all the candidates in the running to become the next leader of the SNP and first minister will have a standing invitation to appear at the event, due to go ahead when King Charles is formally crowned.

It is not known whether the new first minister, who will take over from Nicola Sturgeon at the end of the month, will be invited to the official coronation event in Westminster Abbey - though it is expected the current Prime Minister and his living predecessors will.

AUOB said the invitation stood to each candidate, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

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The letter read: “The May 6 national demonstration is the opportunity for mass unity in action as independence supporters from all walks of life and political dispositions march together as one, all under one banner and rally before a broad platform of speakers from across Scotland’s pro-indy political landscape.

“As such, it is of vital importance to independence supporters, especially during this election campaign, to understand exactly what the SNP will say to these invitations.

“The Yes family expect the next SNP leader to attend the marches and speak at the rallies – however, please consider our invitation regardless of the election result, as supporters want you there and want to know if you will be there.”

The letter, sent on Monday, gave a deadline of Wednesday for a response.

A spokesperson for Yousaf said: "Humza will accept and would love to speak at the AUOB event on 6 May 2023."

A spokesperson for Regan said: "Ash is attending and speaking, delighted to do so."

Forbes was approached for comment. 

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If the winner attended it would signal a shift in the attitude of the SNP leadership toward the rallies.

The National:

Nicola Sturgeon attended her first pro-Yes rally in two years last November after appearing at an event organised by The National in 2019.

Prior to that, she had attracted criticism from some quarters of the Yes movement for failing to attend similar events.

The BBC reported at the time The National’s 2019 event was the first independence rally she had attended in five years.