THERE are calls for employment law to be devolved "urgently" if Labour win the next UK General Election. 

The Scottish TUC (STUC), Scotland’s largest trade union body, has called on any future Labour government to “protect Scotland’s workers” and devolve employment law directly to the Scottish Parliament.

It follows Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar backing calls for Holyrood to have control over minimum wage rates under “phase two” of a Labour government.

Ahead of addressing the Scottish Labour Party conference in Edinburgh today, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer has urged the party to go further, stating unions “make no apology” in pressing for further action.

She said: “It’s welcome that Anas and Scottish Labour are supportive of devolving further powers over the minimum wage to the Scottish Parliament, but we make no apology in asking them to go much faster and much further.

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“Any new incoming Labour UK government must urgently show their commitment to workers in Scotland and devolve employment law, in full, to the Scottish Parliament.

“As welcome and vital as a Labour UK government is, we cannot countenance any future Tory government continuing to strip workers of their rights and to, as seen already, chip away at the powers of the Scottish Parliament, hard-fought and won by our movement.

“This is imperative. A new Labour government has the chance to draw a line in the sand and ensure no worker in Scotland could ever be subject to any pernicious attack again from a Tory government hell-bent on undermining working people." 

It comes after the SNP agreed to unite with trade unions in opposition to the UK Government's anti-strike bill, which would allow bosses to legally fire employees who ignore a “work notice” ordering them to work during industrial action.