The National:

A GROUP of Unionists have helf a “conga party” in Glasgow to celebrate Nicola Sturgeon’s time as First Minister. We think that’s right.

For the lack of anything better to do, the protester “Glasgow Cabbie” asked people to “meet at George Square this evening at 7pm for the worlds [sic] biggest ever CONGA!”

In a statement on Sturgeon’s resignation that made even Douglas Ross’s seem respectful, the cabbie Stef Shaw wrote: "THE WICKED WITCH IS GONE!"

He went on: “It’s Party Time!!! OH, LET’S ALL DO THE CONGA, LET’S ALL DO THE CONGA, NA. NA, NA, NA – BOOM – NA, NA, NA, NA!!!

“Brilliant News for Scotland!!! I WANT TO HUG YOU ALL!!!”

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Proudly, and some might say deludedly, Shaw gave his mates "immense credit for FORCING this fantastic news today".

He also claimed there had been media interest, writing: "STV News just called and asked me if we could change our scheduled 7pm CONGA & PARTY time on George Square this evening to accommodate this evening's STV News but I told them that wouldn’t be possible!"

If you want to check up on how conga had gone, there was a live webcam feed of George Square.

Videos on social media showed an embarrassingly low turnout of people wrapped in Union flags.

This is surely the smallest of small victories for these fringe Unionists, who had precisely nothing to do with Sturgeon’s resignation and are no closer to seeing the SNP out of government.

But for Unionism these days, even the smallest of victories will feel like a triumph.