The National:

NICOLA Sturgeon said there was “just a tad” of attention-seeking in Liz Truss’s return to the political arena.

On Sunday, Truss published a column in The Sunday Telegraph in which the former PM said she was never given a “realistic chance” to implement her radical tax-cutting agenda by her party and by a “powerful economic establishment”.

Truss and former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget was a key factor in the crashing of the UK’s economy.

Among many of Truss’s highlights during her record-breaking short tenure was when she described the First Minister as an “attention seeker” who should be “ignored”.

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Asked today at a press conference if Truss’s comeback was “attention seeking”, Sturgeon laughed slightly before adding: “I couldn’t possibly comment. I think there may have been just a tad of it.

“I’ve got a terrible confession to make. I didn’t wade my way through the entirety of her was it 4000 word article in The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.”

Sturgeon then added that many across the UK were still feeling the effects of the “disastrous” decisions Truss made during her time in office.

“I suspect they would have welcomed a longer period of silence from her but I’ll leave it to her to justify her 4000 words”, the First Minister added.