The National:

A SCOTTISH theatre has been forced to issue a plea to customers to leave the singing to “the professionals on stage”.

The King's and Theatre Royal Glasgow put out a post on Facebook urging people NOT to sing along to performances of the Bodyguard – and not to hassle staff who reminded them of that.

In a post on Facebook, the theatre asked people to “show consideration to your fellow audience members, who have come to enjoy the performances on stage”.

“We all have a part to play in making sure the theatre is a fantastic experience for everyone and you can help by ensuring the professionals on stage are the only people entertaining us with their performances,” it added.

The post led punters to criticise people who had been loudly singing along to the show – which famously features Whitney Houston’s rendition of Dolly Parton’s classic I Will Always Love You.

The stage version of The Bodyguard also includes hits such as One Moment in Time and I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

“This message is so cryptic … are fights breaking out in the theatre or something?” one person asked, prompting the response: “LOL, [it’s] so no one else tries those high notes and sings along.”

“Anyone else disgusted that this message actually needs to be put up there because you know there’ll be some drunk idiot thinking they’re Whitney and belting out tunes so badly then getting crazy at staff for getting them to wheesht?” another person commented.

One user said they had been at a recent performance of the Bodyguard and crowd members had been “actively trying to outsing the professional actors”.

“Houston.....we have a problem,” another user quipped.