SCOTLAND has garnered somewhat of a reputation in the sucrose-based culinary arts.

We are the inventors of Irn-Bru, the deep fried Mars bar, and in recent weeks even the deep fried Crème Egg.

And with Easter just around the corner one Scottish bakery is keeping this spirit of innovation alive.

Bakers at a community-run cinema in Argyll, the Campeltown Picture House, have created the “Scotch Crème Egg”.

It is constituted of a Crème Egg wrapped in a brownie and dusted with hundreds and thousands.

Posting the delicacy on Facebook, the cinema said: “Get down quick for the Scotch Crème Eggs…they won’t last long.

“Mhairi’s already eaten at least one claiming: ‘I had to cut it in order to photograph it for social media’”.

So, are you tempted by a Scotch Crème Egg?