ACTIVISTS in Edinburgh have kicked off the third anniversary Brexit events with action outside the UK Government Hub.

Yes for EU displayed a range of headlines on black placards, citing evidence which shows Brexit is damaging to Scotland’s economy, enviroment, health and democracy.

The action was also to argue against the recent Alister Jack comments stating Scotland has "no desire for membership of the EU".

The National gave the Scotland Office the opportunity to retract this statement and provided evidence of 28 polls conducted since 2016, which showed that a majority of Scots would still vote to remain in the EU.

However, a spokesperson for the Scotland Office refused to retract Jack’s statement. The group previously stated that based on feedback to recent street stalls, support for EU membership remains high.

Each placard also stated "#WeDidntVoteForThis" and "#BrexitHarmsScotland".

The National: The building holds UK Government civil servant offices from a range of UK Government departmentsThe building holds UK Government civil servant offices from a range of UK Government departments (Image: Duncan McGlynn)

The placard headlines, from articles published since January 2020, included “Australia and New Zealand post-Brexit trade deals undermine Scottish Farmers” from Insider; “Brexit damages NHS with staff and medicine shortages” from Nuffield Trust; “The UK’s Retained EU Law bill puts Scotland’s high environmental standards at risk” from The Scotsman; and “Holyrood’s devolved powers can be over-ridden by the UK Internal Market Act” from UK in a Changing Europe.

The National: Yes for EU activists citied multiple publicationsYes for EU activists citied multiple publications (Image: Duncan McGlynn)

The group said: “We Scots didn't vote for Brexit in 2016 yet being forcibly separated from our European neighbours for the past three years, has made us all poorer, by increasing the cost of living, destroying the livelihoods of small businesses, farmers' and fishers', draining the NHS of doctors and nurses and curtailing free movement.

“While Scotland remains in a 'Hotel California' arrangement with England, laws made by our parliament can be overridden by the Westminster government, because of the Internal Market Act.

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“The Tories also want to get rid of thousands of EU laws that protect our environment, as well as workers' and consumers' rights. With independence we can not only re-join the EU, but also get the government we vote for.”

The National: #BrexitHarmsScotland was visible on each placard#BrexitHarmsScotland was visible on each placard (Image: Duncan McGill)

The action is aligned with the procession and rally organised by Time for Scotland on January 31 at Holyrood. The theme is light, and Yes for EU are campaigning to step out of the “Brexit Darkness” with their hashtag #DarknessIntoLight.

The action will also co-ordinate with Believe in Scotland national plans.