A picture can go viral in a millisecond, with folk from Fiji to France talking about its content and meaning. 

That's the aim of the Brexit rally. The third Brexit anniversary action will be bigger than January 31, 2020, bigger than the Supreme Court Verdict Day and possibly provide the world with images and snapshots that say a thousand words.

The below picture is from Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh - I can't wait to see it with Saltires and banners.

Will you be attending? Let us know as our reporters will be there and we hope to hear your thoughts on the erosion of democracy at the hands of Westminster, meet your Yes group, or just have a blether.

The National:

Elsewhere in the Yes movement, there has been further division caused by supporters of Yes supporting Section 35. Here is one of our columnists weighing up if the two are mutually exclusive.

Another deliberation of opinions being questioned over are by Scottish Labour. Can you support and argue for the union, but fimly disagree with Section 35 and the denial of democracy?

I'm sure that question is being asked by its MSPs this week who have stood for trans rights, spoke out against the order issued by Westminster and against Starmer - all opposite of their UK counterparts and party leader, Anas Sarwar MSP.

Wednesday night saw a protest outside Downing Street in support of trans rights and more rallies are taking place in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. 

The denial of Holyrood's power is being heard widely across the UK as the Tories use trans people to deflect from the NHS and cost of living crises'.

The only plus is those elsewhere in World and the British isles are questioning whether Scotland is being ruled over, right after the Supreme Court Judgment and just before Brexit Day.

We urge you to get involved on 31 January, light a candle, use #LightsOn.

Mutiple groups have organised events they are publicising or small gatherings for members so get in touch with your local group and check if something is going on that Tuesday.

You could even get in touch with your local MSPs, MPs and councillors and ask them what they are doing in support of the Brexit anniversary action by Yessers...

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