A STRIKING torch-lit procession will lead protesters to a rally at the Scottish Parliament to mark the third anniversary of Scotland’s forced removal from the EU.

The procession, which is expected to make a “stunning impact in the darkness”, will march through Holyrood Park lit by torches and flares used in Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations.

Campaign group Time for Scotland has also announced new speakers for its Lights On rally at Holyrood, including co-leader of the Scottish Greens Lorna Slater.

The Circular Economy Minister said Scots can “prove Alister Jack wrong by turning up in droves on Brexit Day”.

The call for Yes supporters to gather again at Holyrood in a fortnight comes in reference to the Scottish Secretary’s claim that there’s no desire for EU membership in Scotland, despite polls that show 72% of Scots want to re-join.

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The fully stewarded torch-lit procession will assemble at Pollock Halls of Residence from 5pm and set off at 5.30pm down the Galloping Glen of Holyrood Park towards the rally at the Parliament, which starts at 6pm.

Torches for the Holyrood Park procession will be available to buy online or on the night. The organisers ask the public to also bring electric lights too, as the torches extinguish after about 45 minutes of use.

There will be a steel bin for their disposal at Holyrood and stewards will be present to ensure safety along the procession route.

The hand-held torches and flares are often used in Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations and according to Lesley Riddoch, co-organiser at Time for Scotland, the procession will "have a stunning impact in the darkness"

She added: "It will give Yessers the chance to walk together in solidarity with EU citizens, students and others – harmed by Brexit and ignored by the main Westminster political parties.”

Time for Scotland, Yes for EU and Believe in Scotland are hosting co-ordinated action across Scotland. The Edinburgh event will act as a focal point for other rallies and activity.

Yes for EU is planning a short, but visually striking action to expose three years of "Brexit darkness", outside the UK Government Hub/Queen Elizabeth House on January 25 at 1pm.

Meanwhile, Believe in Scotland plans to project pro-Europe and pro-independence messages onto prominent buildings.

Six other events have also been organised across Dundee, Dumfries and Galloway, Angus, Perth and Dunbar, and there may once again be solidarity gatherings in European capital cities.

Yes groups are encouraging members to put “lights on” in their local landscape, similar to images seen on Supreme Court Verdict Day, and signs in their windows on Brexit night.

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The National’s managing editor Stewart Ward said: "We know many of our readers will be at the Time For Scotland event or supporting it in spirit – and we want to do what we can to help, too.

"Brexit is a plain-to-see example of how Westminster can inflict huge damage on our lives against our will.

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"Keep an eye out on our pages and website for more information on that!"

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