The STUC and the SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn have pledged “outright opposition” to the Tory Government’s Strikes Bill at a meeting between the two parties.

Following a letter sent from STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer to Flynn last year, exclusively revealed by The National, the two leaders met in Westminster to discuss how to work together to oppose the UK Government’s unrelenting attacks on workers rights.

They were joined by SNP deputy leader at Westminster Mhairi Black and the STUC deputy leader Linda Sommerville, as well as SNP MP Chris Stephens.

It comes as the UK Government’s Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill moved a step closer to becoming law after it passed its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday.

MPs backed the legislation, which would allow bosses to legally fire employees who ignore a “work notice” ordering them to work during industrial action, by 309 votes to 209.

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Stephen Flynn said he would work with the STUC and wider trade union movement to combat the UK’s “attack” on workers rights:

“The Tory anti-strike bill and Brexit bill are direct attacks on workers’ rights - and both bills are being imposed by Westminster against Scotland's will. SNP MPs will work together with the STUC and trade union movement to fight them every step of the way." 

He added: “The UK government has systematically eroded the pay and conditions of millions of workers by imposing Brexit and thirteen years of Tory austerity cuts. It's utterly shameful they are now trying to take away the right to fight for fair pay too.

"With Westminster ripping away people's rights, and trashing the economy, it's essential that people in Scotland have the right to determine our future in an independence referendum - a right supported by the STUC and all democrats."

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said she would also work with the SNP group at Westminster to defeat the EU Retained Law Bill.

The bill will repeal all EU-derived regulations unless the government legislates to keep them, with many fearing that it could usher in the erosion of hard-fought for workers’ rights.

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“The UK Government Strikes Bill is just one part of their nefarious war against working people throughout the country,” said Foyer.

“We are pleased to have the support of Stephen and the wider SNP Westminster Group in pledging outright opposition to this pernicious assault on our working rights.

“Politicians, in Westminster and in Holyrood, can leave no stone unturned in seeking to protect and defend the rights of some of our most marginalised and disenfranchised workers.

“In addition, we will be seeking further action from the SNP Westminster Group in defeating the incoming EU Retained Law Bill which casts into the Brexit bonfire the working protections and regulations guaranteed by EU membership.”