MULTIPLE groups are planning co-ordinated action in the lead up and on the third year Brexit anniversary.

Time for Scotland and Yes for EU both have action planned to follow the theme of light.

Time for Scotland – the group that organised rallies on Supreme Court Verdict Day – is hosting the event on January 31 outside the Scottish Parliament.

Yes for EU is planning a short, "but visually striking action to expose three years of Brexit darkness", outside the UK Government Hub on Sibbald Walk in Edinburgh the week before.

The demonstrations are particularly timely given comments made by Scotland Secretary Alister Jack in the House of Commons yesterday.

He said: “There’s no desire in Scotland to have membership of the EU" and the MP stood by this, even in the face of a recent poll which showed that 69% of Scottish voters wanted to rejoin the EU.

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Yes for EU said feedback from their regular street stalls around Edinburgh confirm this high level of support.

The group added: “We have, therefore, selected a range of headlines which show just how damaging Brexit is. Nine dark Brexit headlines will appear on large placards displayed alongside our 'We didn't vote for this' banner, in front of the UK Hub.

“The action is designed to demonstrate some of the damaging impacts of Brexit on the Scottish economy, the NHS, farming, food, musicians, etc. and counter the Tory spin.”

For the event at Holyrood, everyone is being asked to bring a light and a prize will be awarded for the best-lit banner.

On Tuesday, the group published a promotional video on their socials with the image of a lighthouse, a symbol of hope and home.

The Edinburgh event will also act as a central point for other rallies around Scotland, two have already been announced in Angus and one in the Borders, and for supporters across Europe.

Speakers from numerous parties and organisations will deliver speeches and musicians, old and new Scots - including European citizens who’ve made Scotland their home - will perform for the crowd throughout the evening.

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The rally will also feature performances by European citizens who’ve chosen to make Scotland their home and Scottish representatives.

The action will also co-ordinate with Believe in Scotland national plans, "Brexit Disaster - 3 years on", which are yet to be confirmed.