PLANS have been unveiled for a permanent memorial in Glasgow to commemorate four million South-Asian soldiers who fought alongside British troops in both world wars.

Campaigners are also urging the council to ensure there is a lasting reminder of the service and sacrifice of the British Indian Army (BIA).

The application for the memorial has been lodged by the charity Colourful Heritage, which is seeking greater recognition for the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and others from a range of nations who fought in the two world wars, with more than 160,000 losing their lives.

New images show the proposed memorial site in the grounds of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. 

Founder of the charity Omar Shaikh said: “Remembrance unites people of all faiths and backgrounds, and as we come together to commemorate the fallen, we must never forget the service and sacrifice of those from overseas who answered Britain’s call.

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“Glasgow has a historic opportunity to lead the way by building Scotland’s first permanent memorial to the soldiers from British India.

“The memorial will serve as a lasting reminder of the contribution of all those who fought in the world wars and show people in Scotland from different ethnicities that they can be proud of their role in our country’s shared history which can further their sense of belonging.”

Glasgow’s SNP Lord Provost Jacqueline McLaren and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar are among those backing the plan.

Scotland has a special connection with the BIA through a predominantly Indian Muslim contingent from the Punjab called “Force K6” which was a mule transport corps during the Second World War.

Fourteen soldiers from the unit died in Scotland while training in harsh conditions with British troops, after being evacuated from Dunkirk.

The National: Images of the proposed memorial in the grounds of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - Credit: Shand ArchitectureImages of the proposed memorial in the grounds of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - Credit: Shand Architecture (Image: Shand Architecture.)

In a letter of support, McLaren wrote: "Hearing that there is no permanent memorial in Scotland to commemorate the British Indian forces is disappointing and something that must be rectified.

“We must work together to ensure that we can have Scotland’s first permanent memorial wall to recognise the service and sacrifice of over 4 million soldiers in the British Indian Army.

“I understand there has been much effort and discussion around this proposal and I give my full support and commitment where we can to this initiative of having this permanent memorial here in Glasgow.”

A community consultation on the plans found an overwhelmingly positive response to the proposal, with the final design adopting ideas sent in by more than 100 school pupils and youngsters.

It is proposed that the memorial includes a Chattri design for the roof and Locharbriggs sandstone columns which match the Kelvingrove architecture.

It has also been suggested that an inscription is included in multiple languages with the words: “We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns.”