CLAIMS Scottish Greens "do not care" about the north-east and what it could do for net zero have been panned by the party's regional MSP.

During a discussion on BBC's Debate Night about what role Aberdeen could play as Scotland aims to become carbon neutral, Scottish Tory MSP Tess White said Greens "really don't like the north-east" and "do not like Aberdeen".

As she complained about Greens "getting into bed" with SNP, White claimed people know "there is a drive to centralise to the central belt".

But Green MSP Maggie Chapman, who represents the region, has hit back insisting the Greens want the north-east to be a "powerhouse of Scotland's future economy" and told White to stop flinging around "baseless accusations". 

Chapman said: "Aberdeen can and must be at the heart of our transition to a fairer, greener, and better future.

"I want the North East to be the powerhouse of Scotland’s future economy.

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"The £500 million just transition fund the Greens have secured will help ensure that communities in Aberdeen will be at the centre of creating that new economy."

She added Aberdeen becoming the "Oil Capital of Europe" had created inequality across the city over the past half a century.

"What Aberdeen really does not need is a continuation of the two speed economy that oil and gas has created over 50 years," Chapman added.

"Inequality is clear across the city with some areas being left behind and having their voices and needs ignored.

"These communities cannot afford any more years of the cruel and incompetent Tory government that Tess White supports. 

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"Tess White should stop flinging around baseless accusations and instead stand up to her Tory colleagues who are doing so much damage.

"It’s time we stopped pandering to the wealthy elite who clearly have no interest in the long-term well-being of communities across the city."

Scottish Greens have called for Scotland to join the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance, an international alliance of governments and other stakeholders who are working together to facilitate a transition away from oil and gas production. 

The eight core members of the alliance are Denmark, Costa Rica, France, Greenland, Ireland, Quebec, Sweden and Wales, with associate members including California, New Zealand and Portugal.

Greens MSP Mark Ruskell raised the issue at First Minister's Questions on Thursday saying “when small nation states work together they can lead the world on climate justice.”