A RALLY is set to be held by Yes for EU in Edinburgh as part of Believe in Scotland’s Day of Action on Saturday 22 of October.

The event will be taking place in the capital from 1-3pm at the Mound Precinct, with music and speeches for supporters.

The speakers include Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp of Believe in Scotland, Alyn Smith MP and former MEP and Green councillor Jule Bandel. Also making an appearance will be João Kay who teaches languages at St Andrews and author Sara Sheridan whose work includes 'The Fair Botanists'. Both are described by organisers as “keen Europhiles”.

Gerry Mulvenna and Aye Notes will provide the music at the event.

Vice Convenor of Yes for EU, Dr Sam Page, said the rally will be an opportunity for Yes activists to get together and strengthen local and regional networks in Edinburgh, Lothians and beyond. Page added:

“This Yes for EU rally is part of the National Day of Action and will be a great opportunity to convince those who want to rejoin the EU and may have voted 'No' in 2014, that independence is now the only realistic route back.

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“It’s clear that Brexit has been a disaster. But Scotland can rejoin the EU as an independent nation and become part of the biggest single market in the world, respected by partner countries whose values we share – democracy, rule of law, and human rights.”

A march will also take place in London organised by Grassroots for EU who will be focusing their efforts on highlighting the failure of Liz Truss’ plan for growth, in comparison to the EU economies growth.

The Day of Action will mark one year to go until the Scottish Government's suggested date for indyref2. Believe in Scotland have said “there can be no stopping, no pausing. From now on we campaign until independence is achieved.”

Campaigners all over Scotland will also be joining in the National Day of Action. This was previously seen on on August 13th this year when approximately 100 local Yes groups across the country joined in Believe in Scotland’s Autumn Day of Action.

Next week will also see the post-lockdown relaunch of their Independence Ambassador Skills training programme and more than 50 Local Yes Groups are expected to send delegates to the social media campaigning training sessions in October and November.

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As the Supreme Court verdict is awaited, Page noted that activists are keeping an eye on the verdict but either way, it will begin a new chapter of campaigning with the ‘Time for Scotland’ rally planned at Holyrood and in other areas being the firing gun. Some Yes Groups like Yes Lochaber, Hawick and Forfar are already thinking about rallies at a significant place near them. He said:

“We are following the Supreme Court case closely and on Saturday we’ll also be promoting the 'Time for Scotland' rally due to be held at Holyrood on the day of the verdict. If that goes against us it will simply strengthen the Yes movement’s resolve. But naturally we hope it will be in our favour and then it’s full steam ahead with indy campaigning for indyref 2 on 19th October 2023!”

For maximum exposure the event will be encouraging the use of the hashtag ‘#IndyToRejoinEU’.

More details of the rally can be found here.